Owl Intuition Operational Features

Key Operational Features of Owl Intuition Smart Heating Controls


If you are feeling cold and but would prefer if the heating is not on then you should click on the Comfort icon. The heating will then remain in Comfort mode until the end of the next Time Clock scheduled period.


Owl-Intuition-Heating-Boost-ButtonHeating Boost

Clicking on the Heating Boost icon will turn the heating on (if necessary) with a target of current room temperature + 1°C for one hour and then revert to previous mode and settings. You can configure temperature and time to suit your personal preferences (Heating Settings).


If you are feeling too warm, or leaving your home unoccupied and would like the heating to turn off then you should click on the Standby button. The heating will remain in Standby mode until the start of the next Time Clock scheduled period.


When you are away from your home for an extended period of time, Owl Intuition can be put into a special Away mode. When in Away mode, Owl Intuition will maintain a frost protection temperature whilst you are away. You can configure the temperature to suit your personal preferences (Heating Settings).

owl-intuition-time-clockTime Clock

Opens the Heating Time Clock widget where you set the Comfort Periods that you desire for each day of the week. OWL Intuition will intelligently calculate which time to switch the boiler on and off to maintain the target temperature for the whole of the Comfort Period.

Heating Graphs

Displays temperatures for the past 24 hours. Temperature shows the Room Sensor temperature. Required Temperature shows the actual heating Target temperatures (includes Time Clock, Warm Up, Cool Down and manual interventions). External Temperature is from Internet sourced weather

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