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Outdoor Party Products 2016outdoor-party-2016

Fine May weather was a topic of great conversation recently and whilst conditions have darkened a little in the last few weeks we got to remain positive that we will have plenty reasons for an outdoor party during the coming months.

So if you have a special occasion coming up or want to simply arrange a get together at home to mark a sports event like the European Soccer Championships or the Olympics here are 10 products which might prove very useful for you.

metal-chimenea-murcia-medium1: Steel Barbeque Chimenea : sss Traditional design and comes with a slide in chrome barbeque grill. It includes a log grate a rain led and metal tool for opening and closing door



2: Globe Firepit : This stylish moda fire bowls come with a chrome barbeque grill plate and come in a choice of four super bright gardens making them a contemporary addition to any garden.



la-hacienda-pizza-firepit-bbq3: Pizza Firepit : This practical fire bowl can be used as a traditional barbeque, as a stone baked oven or as a traditional firepit to keep warm and prolong your night outdoors.



4: Bakerstone Outdoor Pizza Oven : Award winning product that allows you to easily convert your barbeque into a gourmet pizza oven ensuring you can serve up delicious cooked pizza within 3 minutes.

dual power led lights 2005: Dual Power LED String Lights : Come in 100 or 200 sets. Normally run through solar power but back up rechargeable battery means they will still work even when the rechargeable batteries have a charge of less than 10%

solar jar light6: Solar Jar Light :Pretty glass jar light that comes with a rope handle. Omits a gentle warm white LED glow making it a perfect accessory when entertaining outdoors.


7: Solar Bottle Lightsolar bottle light : Beautiful glass bottle light on hanging rope. Has both a normal white light or a colour changing lighting mode.


8: Solar Table Light :These solar powered solar-filigree-table-light-cole-and-brightlights are made fron porcelain and make for a great centre piece for outdoor table on an summer occasion.


Garden-Umbrella-Light9: Parosol Light : a 4 LED light that clamps on the centre pole of your garden umbrella providing bright light after dark.


waspinator-ireland10: Waspinator : The last thing you need if you are organising an outdoor party is for it to be ruined for someone after they got stung by a wasp. The waspinator is designed to look like a wasp nest which keeps other wasps away.



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