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Garden County the Kings of Eco Shopping for 2011 the online eco-store who provides a wide range of products aimed at helping their customers save money have just announced that Wicklow are the eco kings of online shopping for 2011.

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Data was collated and analysed based on the past 1,000 online transactions dating from Dec 31st 2011 backwards.

Using figures from the 2011 Census the total number of sales per county was measured against per head of the population figures. Using these averages the Garden County topped Dublin by just 0.03 percentage points with Sligo also taking a place on the podium in third spot.

In all 7 counties had above average sales against the population of the county. Other than the aforementioned also included were Galway, Cavan, Meath and Cork respectively. Well done if you are from one of the magnificent seven and keep shopping!

Munster featured prominently in the mid-tier counties with Limerick, Waterford, Tipperary and Clare all in this sector. Mayo, Leitrim, Kildare and Louth also fell into this category.

Finally there are the counties we would really like to see moving up the charts in 2012. If you are from any of the below counties you really got to earn your county strips and get shopping at Someone has to be last and unfortunately for the good people of Offaly the wooden spoon of 2011 is all yours!


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