Official Irish Supplier Owl Energy Monitor Range becomes Official Irish Supplier of Owl Energy Monitoring and Smart Heating Control Range


We are glad to announce that we have partnered up with UK company 2 Save Energy Ltd Owl-Irelandto become the official distributor in Ireland for the Owl range of wireless energy monitoring and heating control products.

Since setting up in 2006 Owl have designed and manufactured a broad range of high quality energy monitoring products and have sold over 1 million units of their stand alone electricity monitors (Owl CM160 and Owl CM180)

In 2012 the OWL Intuition cloud software platform was created and led to the launch of the Smart Electricity Monitor range (Owl Intuition)

In 2013 they launched the Smart Heating Control family, a completely new concept of advanced, internet based control and monitoring of domestic heating and hot water systems.

All these products are now available from

Below is a brief summary of the different owl products available to order from us.

Owl Micro Plus Electricity Monitor (CM180): shows you how much electricity you are using at any one time and helps changes your usage habits and reduce energy bill. It shows both Real  time usage and accumualated consumption, supports Economy 7 timed tariffs and allows you to set up real time consumption alarm alerts. Packs available for both single phase domestic dwellings and three phase commercial premises.

Owl Electricity Monitor Plus USB (CM160): has all the features of the Owl Micro Plus but also include software which allows you to create live and historical charts via your PC. Single and 3 Phase package options available.

Owl Intuition E: a cloud based electricity monitor and control system which allows you to monitor your energy usage through a PC, smartphone or tablet from any location. Works by simply connecting to your existing broadband router and wirelessly linking it with the Transmitter and Sensor.

Owl Intuition Ic:  a cloud based electricity monitor system for multi-phase commercial premises which operates similarly to the owl intuition e.

Owl Intuition PV: is the worlds first monitoring system designed to measure designed to measure your Solar PV installation. It provides real-time access to your electricity consumption and solar generation data through your web browser, smart phone or tablet.

Owl Intuition Smart Heating Controls: Allows you to control your heating and hot water settings from any Internet connection anywhere. You can even turn your heating on from the office before you commute home or avoid wasting energy by delaying your heating coming on at home if you’re working late. Four different models to suit all combi boiler systems or more conventional heating systems that have a hot water cylinder.

All these products are now available to order directly from us. Trade inquiries are also welcome.







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