January Sales 2013

January Stock Clearance Sale 


Happy New Year to all our customers and visitors to the Purchase.ie website. To celebrate the coming of 2013 we are delighted to announce details of our January clearance sale.

We also got 15 products on offer at great discounted prices until the end of the month or at least as long as the stock lasts. So don’t hang about as these offers are only available on existing stock! Click on the below links to see how many of each product is left!

1: Solar Address Number Lighting System – Make your house normal visible day and night without adding to energy bill. Normal Price €29.95 January Discount Price €14.95

2: Drycubes Insert to tumble dryer to soften clothes and reduce drying time. Normal price €15.95 January Discount Price €9.95

3:Eco Kettle White – Two separate water chambers allows you to store full kettle of water but just boil amount needed by releasing to kettle boiling chamber. Normal Price €49.95 January Discount Price €39.95

4: Stopcock Cosy – Prevent your water supply from freezing by insulating supply. Normal Price €24.95 and €34.95. January Discount Price €15.95 and €24.95

5: Attic Cosy Kit – Prevent attic water pipes from bursting during freezing conditions. Normal Price €49.95. January Discount Price €34.95

6: Toilet Tummy – Reduce water wastage when flushing toilet. Normal Price 5.95 January Discount Price €2.50

7: Automatic Radiator Bleeding Valve – Maximise the heat your radiators produce and keep them air free without the need to manually bleed. Normal Price €19.95 January Discount Price €14.95 

8: Showertimer – A fantastic way to monitor water usage and a great awareness device for reducing water usage. Normal Price €9.95 January Discount Price €5.95

9: Radiator Booster – Helps heat up your room faster and increase room temperature by 2 degree Celsius. Normal Price €34.95 January Discount Price €29.95

10: Emergency Phone Charger – Pocket sized power bank which allows you to top up your mobile or Iphone at any time. Normal Price €15.95 January Discount Price €10.95

11: Emergency Hammer – Great car accessory. Comes with an integrated seatbelt cutter. Normal Price €15.95 January Discount Price €10.95

12: Solar Powered Table Light – Solar or USB charged Table Light. Comes with three different coloured shades. Normal Price €15.95 January Discount Price €10.95

13: Battery Free Wind up Car Racing Kit – 3.8m race track and 2 illuminated racing cars and hand generated controllers. Normal Price €39.95 January Discount Price €29.95

14: Solar Wind Turbine Model Set –Great educational toy for schools or homes to teach children about alternative sources of energy. Normal Price €23.95 January Discount Price €17.95

15: Salt Water Powered 4 Wheel Drive Car Kit – Battery Free Monster Four Wheel Drive Car which runs on salt water fuel. Normal Price €24.95 January Discount Price €18.95

Free Water Saving Product Offer in January

Spend 25 Euro or more on Purchase.ie in January and get a Dish Squeegee for free. (Normal Retail Price €9.95)

Find out how to avail of January Free Product Offer

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