How to Install the Instant Hot Water Tap

Installation Guide for the Electric Hot Water Tap

Please read and follow the installation and operation instructions carefully, to ensure the long life and reliable operation of this appliance.


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Important Safety Instructions

  1. For your satisfaction and safety, read all instructions before installing or using this instant hot water tap.
  2. This particular unit is not intended for commercial use.
  3. This appliance should be connected to mains water feed.
  4. This appliance can be used by children aged from 3 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
  5. Make sure that all electrical wiring, plug and connections confirm to local codes. Means for disconnection must be incorporated in the fixed wiring in accordance with the wiring rules. This appliance must be installed in accordance with the national wiring regulations.
  6. If you suspect there is too much chlorine in your water, it is recommended to use a water filtration system.
  7. This appliance is forbidden to be switched on hot water if you think it may be frozen. Wait until you are sure that it has completely thawed out before you switch it on .
  8. This appliance is forbidden to be switched on hot water without inlet water supply
  9. Filter screen is required to be fixed at the water inlet. filter screen should be regularly cleared. The outlet nozzle must be descaled regularly.
  10. Rated pressure of the tap is 0 Pa, the gate of water inlet & outlet mustn’t be blocked. The out-let must not be connected to any tap or fitting other than those specified.
  11. In cold winter, if the hot water temperature is not hot enough, the hand shank can be adjusted the water flow to increase or decrease the hot water temperature.
  12. All the appliances was processed water test and energization test before leaving factory , if there is a little water at the water inlet and water outlet while you use it for the first time, it is a normal phenomenon, please feel at ease to use it.
  13. If there is damage to the wire, you must contact qualified electrician to replace it with dedicated wire from our authorized dealers.


This electric hot water tap is for household use and public. It can be used for kitchen sink,basin, It is not suitable for shower.

Electrical diagram


Product Inner Structure


Display Screen


Technical data

Model No. BW1001
Voltage 220-240v
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Power 3300W
Temp. Setting Range 30-50°C
Overheat Protection 55°C
Thermal Cut-out 65°C(Automatic Reset)  90°C (Manual Reset)
Rated Pressure 0MPa
Water Pressure 0.02-0.6MPa
Hot Water Flow 1L-5L
Inlet Connector G1/2”

Installation guideline

The installation must be in compliance with the National Electrical Code, your local electrical and plumbing codes.

  1. Make sure the appliance is intact, and the fittings are complete.
  2. Please make sure the main power supply, water pressure, grounding condition, ammeter and wire reach the standard of installation requirement.
  3. The appliance must be connected to properly grounded dedicated branch circuits of proper voltage rating.
  4. If you will not use the tap for long time, please switch off the leakage protection plug.
  5. Position the unit upright with all plumbing connections at the bottom of the unit.
  6. During the installation, water supply must be test before the power supply.


Installation Method

1→ The appliance can fit 2 different mode of power connection, 1) power connection is above the table-board;  2) power connection is below the table-board;  Please confirm the power connection mode first. Below are the installed assembly drawing

Fig 1-A power cord connect above the table-board     

Fig 1-B  Power cord under table-board

2Make the water inlet connection pass through the pedestal, place the power cord into the cavity of pedestal. Please refer below Fig 1-A and Fig 1-B

Fig 2-A power cord connect above the table-board     

Fig 2-B  Power cord under table-board

3→Make the water connection pass through the rubber mat, please notice there is a cavity at the rubber mat to fit the power cord.

Fig 3-A power cord connect above the table-board   


Fig 3-B  Power cord under table-board

4→Make the water inlet connection pass through the hole in table-board,

If the power cord need to be connect above the table-board, please keep the cable above the table; please refer to Fig4-A;

If the power cord need to be connected under the table-board, please make the cable pass through the hole in table-board. Please refer to Fig4-B;

Fig 4-A power cord connect above the table-board     

Fig 4-B  Power cord under table-board

5→Fix another rubber mat to the inlet connection under table-board, make sure the rubber mat completely touch the back surface of the table-board.

Fig 5-A power cord connect above the table-board     

Fig 5-B  Power cord under table-board

6→Fix the hold-down nut to further fasten the tap under the table-board.

Fig 6-A power cord connect above the table-board     

Fig 6-B  Power cord under table-board

7→Connect the inlet water pipe, please remember to fix a filter net inside the nut of water pipe, please make sure the water is turned off.

Fig 7-A power cord connect above the table-board     

Fig 7-B  Power cord under table-board

Operation Instructions

1, For the first time to operate the appliance, please fill with the water before bringing power to the appliance.

2, Turn on the circuit breaker or plug in the socket to bring power to the electric hot water tap.

3, In standby mode, the LED display screen light on and display the setting outlet temperature, after 2 seconds, it will display the outlet temperature.

4, Touch  to turn on/off the power of the power of appliance. Press + and – to increase or decrease the outlet temperature.

5, While rotate handle toward to    the appliance keep closed mode,

6, While you rotate the hand shank toward to the cold water will come out; Rotate the knob anti-clockwise, the cold water flow will be larger & larger.

7, Rotate the handle shank to the hot water comes out, Rotate the knob clockwise, the hot water flow will be larger & larger, meanwhile the program will mini adjust the working power to reach the setting temperature.

8, The nozzle is rotatable in 180°

WARNING: if the outlet temperature can not reach the setting temperature, maybe because the water flow is too high, please reduce the hot water flow.


Problems Possible Causes Corrective Actions
1. Inlet and outlet fittings leaking A、Fittings not tight

B、Rubber washer worn-out

A、  Tighten fittings.

B、  Replace rubber seal ring

2. Keep the hand shank in close mode, but there is still water come out A、  Valve core failure

B、  Valve body failure

A、  Contact local service

B、  Contact local service

3. Outlet water flow bifurcate / Outlet water flow is too small A、  Filter net of bubbler scale or blocked by impurity

B、  Inlet water pressure is too low

A、          Disconnect the bubbler and clean the filer net.

B、          Increase the water pressure

4. There is noisy while turn off the water flow A、  Water pressure is too high

B、  Turn off the hand shank too fast

C、 The water pipe wasn’t fixed well

A、          Turn down the water flow

B、          Turn off the hand shank again

C、         Reconnect the pipe

5. While touch the hot water, hands feel a little tingling. A、  The appliance is not properly earthed. A、          Connect the earth line properly
6. No heating A、  No power supply

B、  The knob didn’t toward to hot water position

C、 The power board keep off mode

D、 Manual Reset thermal cut-out cut off.

E、  Heating element failure

A、          Correct power supply

B、 Toward the knob to hot water position

C、Press *** to turn on the power board

D、Contact local service

7. Too high outlet temperature A、  Setting temperature is too high

B、  Thermal Cut-out cut off

A、 Touch to decrease the temperature

B、 Contact local service

8. Outlet water flow gest smaller & smaller A、Inlet strainer or bubbler was blocked

B、Inlet water pressure become lower

A、Clean strainer or bubbler

B, Increase the inlet water pressure

9. Display E1 A、  Outlet temperature ≧58℃ A、  Please make sure there is water supply, shut off the power supply then power on again, the E1 will disappear
10. Display E3 A、  Outlet temperature sensor failure A、  Replace outlet temperature sensor


Normal Maintenance

Note: Always turn off the power supply before servicing your unit

It is not required any regular maintenance. However, to ensure consistent water flow, the following maintenance is recommended.

1, Install a filter in the front-end of water inlet of the electric hot water tap.

2, Periodically remove scale and dirt that may build up at the sprayer of the tap.

3, The filter net at the water inlet should be cleaned from time to time. Please turn off the water flow before doing this.

4, If you will not use this appliance for long time, please disconnect the plug.

This symbol on the product, or in its packing, indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste. Instead, it should be taken to the appropriate waste collection point for the recycling of electronic equipment, By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by the inappropriate waste handling of this product. For more detailed information about the recycling of this product, please contact your local council, your household waste disposal service, or the shop where you purchased the product.

Correct disposal of this product


Packing List

Item Unit Quantity
Electric Hot Water Tap Unit 1
User Manual Copy 1
Rubber Mat piece 2
Hold-down Nut 1 1
Rubber Ring & Rubber filter net Set 1


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  1. Hi Folks
    I know this query sounds a bit daft but with regards to the instant hot water tap I realise its plumbed into the cold water supply so I assume it serves as a cold as well as a hot hot water tap !, looks like a good idea for a kitchen sink.


  2. Not a silly question at all George. It does serve as both a hot and cold water tap. Pull it to the right and you get cold water. Pull it to the left and you will see a light come on which indicators it is using electricity and heating the water.
    Any further questions fire ahead!


  3. I’m very interested in your Instant Hot Water system and gather that it works on the same principle as the electric shower and that the water is sourced from water tank in attic (not even sure if that is the case?). Is there any system where I could have a tank under my kitchen sink which is fed from unused water from the cold tap (e.g. when running cold tap in the morning before filling kettle or after flow of hot water and filling the kettle afterwards or rinsing vegetables etc – none of this water is Grey Water) and which I could recycle to be used by my Instant Hot Water Tap? This would have the effect of double savings – on both electricity and water!
    Very much looking forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hi Annie, Thank you for getting in touch. The Instant Electric Hot Water Tap just uses cold water from your mains. It is not to be connected to the hot water supply. There is no need for a tank under the sink as there is an element in the tap itself which heats the water. In fact it has shown to be alot more efficient than undersink water heaters as with the tap you are only heating exactly what you need. Another product however which might interest you is The Greywater Recycling Kit

  4. Can you make a cup of tea with the hot water.
    What hot does the water get ie temperature.
    What’s the average life span of the element.
    What’s the average life span of the tap.
    Is it possible & easy to fit a replacement parts.
    What’s the average price to get it installed,I have a spare socket under the sink.

    1. Can you make a cup of tea with the hot water?
      The water coming from the tap will only come out at 60-65 degrees celcius. You would need the water at 85-100 degrees to make tea. It will however quicken the boiling process if used in conjunction with a kettle.
      What hot does the water get ie temperature.
      As above 60–65 degrees
      What’s the average life span of the element
      It will depend on whether or not you live in a hard water area and if you are in a hard water area and doing nothing to treat the water it will impact negatively on the lifespan of the element. The product does come with a 1 year manufacturers guarantee however.
      What’s the average life span of the tap?
      As this product isn’t around for 10 years it is hard to give you an accurate figure. All I can say is that I use one personally every day and it was installed over 3 and a half years ago. It has never given any trouble.
      Is it possible & easy to fit a replacement parts
      Yes it is possible to fit replacement parts and any qualified tradesman would probably consider the process very straight forward. Phone support is also available if required.
      What’s the average price to get it installed,I have a spare socket under the sink.
      We don’t get involved in this but generally a qualified technican seems to charge about 80 Euro to install.

  5. Is that really the dimensions that’s a big tap, could this be the box dimensions.
    It doesn’t look that big

    1. Hi Robin.
      Sincere apologies for the long delay in replying to you. You are indeed right about box dimensions and thank you for highlighting the error. The tap itself is 22.3cm in length

  6. Hi! Can the maximum temperature of this tap be fixed for safety reasons? A child should not be able to use water above 42 degrees celsius and I need to make sure it can be fixed at that max temp. I need it for a preschool sink. Thanks

    1. Hi Tara, The product is designed with safety in mind so the temperature should never be over 40 degrees celcius in any case. However you can lock the temperature in at a specific temperature also.
      It should be ideal for a preschool sink

    1. Hi Dolores, it is 3kw so it really should be hard wired but some customers have fitted it with plug. It is recommended that a qualified plumber or electrician should install for you certainly.

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