Fathers Day Gifts

Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2012

Here comes another one of those days you got to dip into the pocket and pay some gratitude.

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To help get you into thinking mode for Father’s Day we identified some potential gift ideas and matched them with the all so very different types of Dads that exist on planet earth.

The Sporty Dad

The English soccer season may be over but the Euro 2012 Championships are now well underway. With Ireland joining the party on the rocky road to Poland it has got that added bit of spice. The GAA Championship season is also upon us, then there is the Tour De France, Wimbledon and let us not forget the London Olympics. Sporty Dad is sure in for a great summer.

He might be expecting an Ole Ole O’Shea Euro 2012 T-Shirts so why not surprise him this year?

Is  your Dad the type who goes to all the games during the summer but hates to miss out on what else is happening in the world of sport? The chances are he brings a little battery operated radio with him on his travels for fear of missing something. The problem is the batteries sometimes run out leaving Dad in a right kerfuffle. How about a radio which require which is powered by daylight, by winding up or indeed can be fully charged off a computer through the included USB charging kit. Headphones can be attached to the radio so he won’t be annoying anyone else and it also includes a flashlight and can even be used as an emergency mobile phone charger. Of course this also means that the old “my mobile went dead” excuse is consigned to the history books!

If Dad likes cycling or just tends to go on a cycling buzz once a year (typically around the time the Tour De France is on TV) make sure he is safe with Reflective Cycling Gloves or Reflective Cycling Socks

The Budgetary Dad

If Dad is all about saving money and tends to use terms like “tightening our belts” you can help him along his merry way to reduce the bills with a wide variety of products.

Energy rates have been going one direction in the last few years. Unfortunately that is up, up and up again. If Dad gives you a hard time about how long the hair dryer is on or the fact that you boil a full kettle four times before you actually get around to making that single cup of tea well give him a break he has good reason.

If you want to risk a proper ear bashing lecture about the energy usage you can get Dad one of the Brand New Owl Micro Plus Energy Monitors. This new model was only released on May 1st and ultimately allows the user to monitor electricity spending in real-time and get all the rest of the members of the household to pull together and adjust behaviour patterns with the ultimate goal of reducing the next bill.

Give your Dad a double saving treat by presenting him with an Ecocamel Water Saving Showerhead. This device will not only help him save water without compromising the shower performance but also save on the energy bill as less water needs to be heated.

If you have occasionally looked out the window and seen your father dancing on the rubbish bin in an effort to free up space why not treat him to a Bintrasher. This will mean less embarrassment for you and will allow him get more rubbish into the bin in a more practical fashion. It will also reduce the risks that he might break a leg and best of all it is an Irish made product so you will be doing your little bit for our economy.

The Constant Gardener Dad

If your father is more the green fingers type there is an extensive range of products that he just might appreciate.

Water Butts are designed to collect rainwater from the downpipes of your home. This water can then be put to good use by watering the plants in the garden or even washing the car. With water metering imminent they have never been more popular and a useful investment which will ultimately help to save Dad some money.

If he has already beaten you to it and you are in quite a generous mood consider getting either a solar powered water butt pump or a battery operated portable water pump to compliment the Water Butt. If Dad had been happily using the garden hose prior to getting the Water Butt installed he may be a little frustrated having to revert back to the watering can to use the collected rainwater. The pump will mean he can use the hose again to distribute the collected rainwater.

Also worth considering for the gardening gifts and a little easier on the pocket are 7 Pattern Water Saving Hose Nozzles and Moisture Meters which are used for ensuring that plants are neither over water or under watered.

On the gardening lighting front its worth considering the solar garden globe, sun jars or regular stainless steel solar garden lights.

Adventure Dad

If Dad is all about the great outdoors the Kelly Kettle Kit is another wonderful Irish made product which provides all the necessary tools to easily cook the dinner and make a cuppa when away on one of his adventures.

He can keep his clothes clean and get a little exercise with a Pedal Powered Washing Machine and keep up to date with the big bad outside world or relax and read a book at night with the LED Lantern which incorporates a radio as well as the light.

The be prepared Dad

Some fathers like to be prepared for all eventualities. If they got a product that needs to be used in times of emergency they will brag about the fact that they had it for months on end. Hydrosacks are an eco alternative to sandbags to counter flooding and the Wrapseal pipe leak repair kits and two products Dad would love to store away for that rainy day.

The Musical Dad

The singing Dad sometimes needs to be put in his place. Encourage him to keep it in the bathroom with a Water Powered Shower radio which fits on the faucet of the shower and will allow him to belt out the tunes with accompanied backing vocals and not really bother anyone else.

Perhaps father dear is more a background musician rather than the front man. Drumstick pencils might be just the thing to help him reminisce about those childhood rock star dreams.

Remember you can get a 10% discount on any of the above gift ideas if you order before June 1st and use the promotion code May10. Alternatively call 01 8428187 and quote the code. Budgetary Dad would be particularly proud of you!



  1. I think the Chimney-Balloon is the best Fathers Day git Ever cos all the heat goes out my chimney and this would be fab for my dad who’s always complaining about it!

  2. As my dad is quite green fingered he already has a make shift water butt which he uses to collect rain water my mam even washes her hair with the collected rain water she swears by it for shiny hair, so the Solar Powered Water Butt Pump looks the job to make him the eco warrior he has always aspired to be

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