How to Install the Chimney Snug

How to Install the Chimney Snug

The Chimney Snug is very easy to install and can be done in a matter of seconds. Just follow the below six steps or watch the below short demonstration video.

Step One: Remove Chimney Snug from packaging


Step Two: Install Upper Part of Chimey Snug into Chimney Breast.


Step Three: Place the palm of your hand on the upper part of chimney snug.
Step Four: Push into place ensuring a tight fit in the chimney breast.


Step Five: Assemble the base of the chimney snug in the grate of the fireplace.
Step Six: Naturally position base of chimney snug in grate and start saving energy.

Watch Chimney Snug Installation Video

It is important to remember to always ensure there is some ventilation in the room and of course don’t light the fire when the chimney snug is installed!

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