Greywater Recycling Kit Fitting Instructions

Fitting Instructions for Greywater Recycling Kit

The Greywater Recycling Kit can be ordered here in our shop. Below we have outlined detailed fitting instructions including diagrams.

What comes in the Greywater Recycling Kit?


greywater-recycling-kit-installation-step-oneStep One

Identify the pipe work preferably from your bath where the valve can be placed. Ideally it needs to be 250mm long.(Make sure you have enough space below the valve for the cords to be fixed.)


greywater-recycling-kit-installation-step-twoStep Two

Mark out 120 mm on the pipe work leaving enough clear space (80 mm each side) for the connectors to slide


greywater-recycling-kit-installation-step-threeStep Three

Cut out section of pipe work, make sure cuts are square, and clean the burrs of the pipe.


greywater-recycling-kit-installation-step-fourStep Four

You are provided with three pairs of adaptors that come with the valve. Choose the pair that fits your pipe and slide them on to either side.


greywater-recycling-kit-installation-step-fiveStep Five

Place the valve in between the pipe work and slide the connectors back over the valve so it holds the valve in the correct position so it is a ‘dry’ fit. This will give you the correct position to mark the securing lugs for the holes you need to drill


greywater-recycling-kit-installation-step-oneStep Six

Once the holes have been marked, slide the connectors back down the pipe to release the valve and drill the 3 x holes using a 7 mm masonry bit.


greywater-recycling-kit-installation-step-sevenStep Seven

Fit the raw plugs supplied into the drilled holes and screw the valve to the wall.


greywater-recycling-kit-installation-step-eightStep Eight

Make sure the pipe work and the valve are cleaned of any dust or grease. Solvent cleaner recommended. Use solvent adhesive on the pipe work (40 mm) and the shoulder of the valve, make sure that they are both fully glued all around the surface. Care should be taken to ensure you have a water tight joint.


greywater-recycling-kit-installation-step-oneStep Nine

Slide the connectors over the valve,twisting the connectors as you do so. This will make sure the valve and pipe work is fully glued. As soon as connectors are in place ensure that any excess glue is cleaned away from the rotating top of the valve.


Step Ten

Cut the cord supplied in half and attach both pieces to the eyelets on the rotating valve face


greywater-recycling-kit-installation-step-elevenStep Eleven

Pull both cords together in the centre of the valve and directly below and about 300mm down from the valve mark the point of where the first vine eye will go



More information about fitting the Greywater Recycling Kit

The valve is designed to take 19 mm / 3/4 ins garden hose, if you have problems obtaining this there are two alternatives.

1. Use a normal 1/2 ins garden hose with a Hozelock inline connector to the valve outlet, these inline connectors are designed to join two lengths of hose together. Using ½”hosepipe does restrict the outflow of the water.

2. Use a length of 22 mm OD /18 mm ID overflow pipe, using either silicone or adhesive to connect to the valve outlet, taking care to make a watertight joint, using the overflow pipe is definitely the best method for the outflow of water.


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