Free Delivery Ireland May 2014

Pound Shop Wars TV Show Inspires Our Latest Free Free-Delivery-May-IrelandDelivery Offer

Pound Shop Wars, a UK based reality TV series about Pound Stores in Britain was on in the background a few weeks back whilst I was slaving away on my eight year old laptop with several related matters which required careful attention.

Distracted by the Pound Wars show I watched on with a little envy at the empires the people at the top of these operations had built.

As approaches 5 years in business it is probably fair to say at this point that when it comes to providing products which can help our customers reduce their bills and save money it is the leading online provider in Ireland and is definitely the online leader in Finglas.

Whilst there will never be a desire to become a Pound World type of business, the value for money customers can get in these stores is amazing and it all seem to boil down to the fact the Pound Stores order products in such large volumes from their suppliers.

So I pondered on how can sell in larger numbers and offer our customers even better value for money

How about a free delivery offer for our Irish customers and a discount offer for our International customers I thought?

Some serious number crunching was done and it was decided that it would make no financial sense for us to offer free delivery to all our Irish customers or to give International customers a discount on orders.

So the matter was pondered on for about 2 seconds and a decision was made to offer all customers within Ireland free delivery on any order placed during the month of May and to give a 5 euro discount to our International customers for the whole month.

If you are reading this after receiving our Monthly Newsletter then you know exactly what to do to avail of this offer as the discount coupon code needed to avail of the offer is included in the Newsletter.

If you have arrived on this page because you want information on how to avail of the offer Subscribe-for-free-deliveryclick on newsletter image Over there! → →→

We will send you on the latest version of our Monthly Newsletter which includes the code you require for the free delivery.

Please note we don’t send daily or weekly email nonsense. Once a month is more than enough to hear from us!

Sometimes risks need to be taken if you want to take your Business to the next level and offer customers the best value for money possible.

This May help us to take our baby steps towards the next level by ordering from us and saving on your bills in the process.

Please order from , order often from and pretty please no orders less than 20 Euro so I don’t lose my shirt on this even if I do prefer to wear a T-Shirt



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