Eco Dad of Year 2015

Fathers Day Competition – Win a Night in Kerry for 2 and More Great Prizes, the home of some of the best Fathers Day Gift Ideas in Ireland is searching for Irelands Top Eco Dad.

If you believe you or somebody you know is one of Ireland’s leading green giants this competition is not to be missed as you could win one of 5 great prizes including a night for 2 including Breakfast at a leading four star guesthouse on the Ring of Kerry.

The competition will coincide with Father’s Day which takes place on Sunday June 21st this year so we will  be announcing the prize winners on Friday June 19th.

The top prize is a night for 2 at the wonderful four star Brookhaven House in Waterville on the Ring of Kerry.


This wonderful Green Tourism Business certified accomodation overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Waterville Championship Golf Course is known for personal service and comfort. It is surrounded by a colourful garden which has a river running through it. The facility is on the doorstep of golf, hill walking, watersports, angling and horse riding.

To enter this competition please tell us why you or the person you are nominating deserves to win the title of Eco Dad of the year.

People that entered the competition in previous years have said things like

My dad planted lovely birch trees to enhance our home and now they are full of birdsong and look so beautiful. they have enhanced the landscape in our area……


I want to nominate my Dad for all the years he spent roaring at us to turn off the lights when we were finished in a room! He was rescuing items from being dumped and re-using them for years….


My husband, the father of our three wonderful children has got them involved in growing their own vegetables. they are in charge of watering them every night under his supervision and are always eager to report any progress in the vegetable patches.

So simply use to comment box at the end of this post to submit your own entry.

The full list of prizes on offer is as follows.


brookhaven-house-waterville-co-kerryFirst Prize: One Night Stay at Brookhaven House for 2 Including Breakfast



win-eco-kettleSecond Prize: Vektra Eco Kettle – Flask sytle kettle. Switch on once and water remains boiled for 4 hours.



Third Prize: Out for Lunch Food Flask– Ensures your home cooked lunch will remain boiling hot all day during the winter. Also ensures salads will remain perfectly cool on hot summer days.



win-solar-flashlightFourth Prize: Solar Flashlight – Produces a strong bright light. Recharges by daylight or through usb and doubles up as a powerbank so you can completely recharge a smart phone.



win-stayholdFifth Prize: Stayhold – New clever Irish design product which grips onto carpet in car boot and ensures objects don’t fall over. Will prevent broken eggs and sour smell odours in your vehicle.


Comment below with why you are the person you are nominating should win and we will publish a list of the five winners on Friday June 19th.

Good luck!




  1. I would like to nominate my dad. As a Kerry man from Waterville’s neighbouring town of Caherciveen he has lived in Mayo for 43 years x He worked in Valentia’s Radio Station and taught in the little school across from it. He would love this prize as he could go visit all his old friends.

  2. Id like to nominate Tom Wilson with 8 kids there is always a way to be eco friendly oin our house now that the good weather is in he turns down the termostat a few degrees turns off the timer and has heating on a lot less .. also turning off all upstairs rads as now needed mainly for hot water …
    Also has has the 4 youngest collect rainwater out the back garden to water the vegtable/fruit beds they are growing as they have a love of strawberries and the veg feeds their rabbits and helps at dinnertime (the veg not the rabbit lol) he took out the dishwasher and now washing dishes is fought for chore rewarded with a new addition to the gatden the kids love it 🙂

  3. Would love this for my Daughter who is currently living in Spain, I bet when her Spanish husband sees Kerry in all it fabulousness he will want to move here and I’ll have my daughter closer to home. Plus it my plan works I’ll have a holiday home in the most scenic places in the world 🙂

  4. Eco father of the year
    Recyles every can of beer
    Every bottle of wine is reused
    New shopping bags are refused
    Lights turned off heat turned down
    Only flushes loo when it is brown
    So yes my father I will nominate
    Though I know he this accalade will hate
    For he is such an usassuming man
    Giving help where ever he can
    Provides for his family counts not the cost
    Truely without him we would be lost

  5. We have never won anything in our entire lives. We really really need a break for a change once in our lives.

  6. My Dad for Eco Dad of year when dads crashed out on the couch he tells us he’s in power saving mode! When we were kids he saved water, by showering us kids together.

  7. I would like to nominate my wonderful husband and dad to our two beautiful children because he is very good around the house and gardening loves his tea so we could do with an eco kettle .Thank you.

  8. I nominate my lovely husband, the father of our 3 children. he’s just the best dad ever so hard working, caring and always makes a special effort to spend time with each of the children. he starts work very early each day, but he always makes sure he’s home in the evening to say good night, do homework and bring them to some of their after school activities. the minute he walks in the door they come running to greet him with big hugs and kisses, it just makes me feel so proud of them all! he is one very special guy and we are very lucky to have him in our lives.

  9. I nominate my fab husband who has turned our garden into a little eco haven. He grows organic veg and herbs for the house, built our hen house from recycled materials and the tree house and fencing. Composts all our kitchen and garden waste which we use to grow new flowers and shrubs for the bees.

  10. Having studied plant science in UCC, my husband and super eco dad to our 2 scallywags, was always environmentally aware. Sometimes we even think he goes a little ott but the majority of his endeavours are sound. Most families these days have a compost bin but of course we have 3! Our large lawn and penchant for veg meant that one bin would never be enough….I’m glad we have all this wonderful compost though, as we grow some of the most healthy plants in the area. He also made a water butt from a barrel he got in the local waste transfer station and a tap. It’s perfect for washing the car or watering plants and while it may not be a thing of beauty, he hid it discreetly behind the shed! Instead of using the clothes dryer during the winter, we put a clothes horse in the garden shed and secure the door open for a draft. On the rare occasion that we need to use the dryer for a school uniform emergency, eco dad uses the water that’s collected to water the house plants. His greenhouse took a battering during the winter but rather than dumping it, he has replaced the plastic using leftover plastic my mother used on her grotunnel. Here he grows seeds with our 5 year old who loves to garden with his dad.

  11. I think my Dad has too much time on his hands. Ever since he retired, he has amazed us all with his new found approach to life, nature and the environment. Maybe that’s what will happen us all when we get old! First thing he did was sell his car. He was not going to be responsible for any more toxic fumes, it’s all about his spanking new bike and he’s proud as punch wheeling around the city in his new “eco machine”. Then he gave up his once beloved pipe – never thought we’d see that day. He’s become obsessed with the garbage. Woe betide anybody who slips paper into the refuse bin or food bits into the paper bin. Every item has its own special home and he’s become decidedly neurotic about the whole system. And no, it doesn’t end there. Water is no longer a free for all. Even our showers are strictly timed and in a house of 4 girls, this has caused quite a few sparks to fly. I can’t decide whether I love or loathe the ‘green man’ Dad’s become but one thing is for sure, he’s making us all feel very guilty if we don’t do our bit for the environment and I guess that can only be a good thing!

  12. i would nominate my husband ,who i married last friday ,he is one in a million,he walked into my life 3 years ago and swept me of my feet ,he is one of a kind ,he took on my 4 kids as his ,who he adores .It made me the proudest woman last week when i married him ,and the icing on the cake was having my 4 kids and his 3 kids all become one big happy family ,so this prize would be the icing on the cake and my way of saying thank you so much for coming into our life .

  13. I would nominate my husband and father of my 3 boys. He is big into walking everywhere, and picks up rubbish when he sees it. The boys will argue ‘that’s not our rubbish’ and his stock reply is ‘no, but it’s our world, and always leave a place a bit better than when you found it’. If everyone did this …..

  14. I’m nominating my other half because i’m always encouraging him to be ecofriendly and winning this for him would be a huge incentive 🙂

  15. But really. He was one of the first in the country with the energy saving bulbs. Thanks for the competition.

  16. I would like to nominate my other half who is very Eco-Friendly, his garden is full of all kinds of beautiful trees, he has a compost bin that he fills with grass, etc, and uses the compost as a fertiliser and puts it all around the trees.
    When his making orange juice there is a electric orange squeezer, which he will not use it, he uses the hand squeezer which could take him all day.
    His in the process of changing all the bulbs to the new LEDs energy savers.

  17. I would like to nominate myself as one of a small team of volunteers who manage and run irelands only if not the worlds only greenway run totally by a voluntary group..we have managed to convert a disused railway line in west limerick into a walking biking and exploring trail.Now how more eco friendly can that be if you want to know more about our success ..see you are in for a treat..

  18. Would like to nominate my other half who as well as being a good dad has surpassed me with his reduce,reuse and recycling ways.

  19. I would like to nominate my sister who should be considered eco woman of the year the time and effort she puts in amazes me 🙂

  20. I would like to nominate my hubby who is not only a great father of 3adult children he keeps them supplied with all kinds of home grown veg has helped one renovate an old house and the second build hers and made a man shed for our son so he can have his own space he is the best.

  21. I would like to nominate my Dad James who has become very domesticated and eco friendly 🙂 All the skins now go into the composter( a fuel bunker) Any left over bread goes to the ducks, all the bottles goes to the bottle bank and any cleaning is done with Baking soda and vinegar. Captain Planet and the Planeteers would be proud of him! (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

  22. I’d like to nominate my father-in-law. Aside from being the loving welcoming man that he is, he is the master eco-man. He and my mother-in-law love the local beaches and walk there daily, picking up any rubbish that they see along the way to keep it pristine for others. He lives off the land as much as possible, growing his own vegetables, picking seaweed and winkles. Swapping winkles with the locals for small favors like a freshly caught fish for the table. He composts and burns anything left in the range, and has barely any rubbish left over, but what’s left over he brings to the bottle and can bank.

  23. I would like to nominate my husband, Chris Gavin. He is the fantastic father of three children. He has renovated our house by recycling other people’s unwanted items. He has created lovely shelving units, sink units, and presses with materials that were other people’s trash, making our home a beautiful eclectic house. He finishes wood projects with natural beeswax. Our fledgling hedge row was created using toilet paper rolls and empty fruit trays and is starting to grow well after he and the children spent a week planting. Even the clothing he wears is recycled as he feels there is enough good clothing out there, there is no need to buy new stuff. He washes his hair in apple cider vinegar. The list could go on. But he was one great eco friendly guy.

  24. I’d like to nominate my wonderful partner, the father of our 2 gorgeous children and another on the way. He is simply the best dad. He works hard and he begins work early each day, but he always makes sure he’s home in the evening to say good night.
    Hes started growing his own vegetable patch and he encourages our kids to help with the weeding, sowing and watering of the plants.

  25. Would love to bring my Dad back Kerry as from Dromid, not far from hotel, and we’d visit for whole magical summers as children on the farm he grew up on. We used to collect twigs and wood for the range and were shown where chickens hid their eggs.
    My Dad showed me how the rain barrels from the barn roof were used for cleaning out the cow shed and led me to installing a rainwater system on my own roof 25 years later!

  26. I would like to nominate my Dad for all the little ways he explained to me how nature works when I was growing up – he described to me the eco systems in our pond, under the ground, the birds in the sky and many other things. He pointed out to me different kinds of trees, animals and insects and has instilled in me a lifelong fascination with the natural world. And for his heroic effort to save a cherry blossom tree during the hurricane of 1987!

  27. My Dad has made it his raison d’être not to waste food. When he’s not creating culinary delights from leftovers he rifles Mum’s cupboards and freezer and proudly boasts about the vintage produce he has managed to eat without suffering any health implications. His new found hobby is also practiced when staying with friends and family. Last Christmas he came to stay and emptied my fridge of all things perishable. This left me somewhat disgruntled when I awoke, late Christmas Day morning, having worked a 13 hour night shift. I was left with only oven chips to accompany my turkey- Dad had even managed to consume the handful of sprouts I had purchased to ensure the meals looked festive.

  28. I would like to nominate my eco friendly father. His eco daily life has influenced my eco choices.

    He wakes up to the sound of his second hand alarm clock powered by rechargable batteries. He cooks up a vegetarian breakfast without pre heating the oven. He told me that it takes almost 2,500 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef. He takes a two minute shower saving gallons of water. He cycles all the way from home to work.

    He buys food from the local market supporting local economy + reducing greenhouse gas. He pays his bills online saving paper. He makes sure to turn the computer power off instead of sleep mode. He tells me stories of a time when there was less plastic waste when milk would be delivered in glass bottles to the door by horse and cart.

    I would love to give him this Kerry prize. On fathers day, I will paper wrap a gift using an old map. He loves to travel. An eco treat would be appreciated by the green giant.

  29. I would like to nominate by eco aware Dad. I was lucky enough to have a green thumb childhood. My Dad grew native flowers to attract all the butterflies and bees. There was lilac and lemon balm. The Irish weather keeps the plants watered but he uses mulch and compost to retain water which cuts down on evaporation. He grows food and makes compost from kitchen scraps like vegetable waste. I now have my own vegetable patch thanks to my Dad.

  30. I’d like to nominate my dad who’s so eco friendly and into renewable energy .
    He partly owns a renewable energy company that sells woodpellet boilers and solar panels , we have both in our house along with water butts and the lot ! He’s so deserving of this prize as he’s so into eco friendly products and this prize may even give him further inspiration for future projects

  31. I would love to nominate my Dad because he has shown me how a good honest and loving man behaves and I know now what to expect from the man I will choose to be my husband

  32. He lives and breaths Eco he has installed Solar hot water Solar photovoltaic cells replaced all the lights with LED bulbs, grows veg, harvests water, rides a bike, repairs broken items, shows the kids how to make a solar oven it’s never ending

  33. I would like to nominate my Dad- because he is Dublin man all his life & has never been to the wonderful place of Kerry 🙁

  34. I am nominating my fiancee, as he commuted from Mayo to Dublin and back, five days a week for 2.5 years, for his family. I think he could do with a nice break.

  35. I nonminate my brother and his family. Who always gives and this would be the perfect gift for him and his family to enjoy Waterville and quality time with his loved ones

  36. I nominate my husband who is running a green energy business suppling solar panel and led lighting and other energy efficient products. This is our first Father’s Day since finding out there is a baby on the way and would love to make it special for him as he has gone above and beyond to look after me throughout this pregnancy.

  37. I would like to nominate my husband wayne power ad he is a super dad to our 3 kids. He always makes sure we have lots of family days together. Movie day is a fav in our house. Sitting down having a good munch while watching our movie. Also he makes sure their is lots of outdoor fun and exercise included lots of walks, cycles, football and curbs. He is one in a million and I’m sure the kids would love if he won a nice treat

  38. I would like to nominate my other half Eddie Kelly he is a super dad to our 3 year old. He has had a hard year, lost his job, depression set in but he has always tired to stay in good form when our son is around, Its being a very tough year but hopefully thing will change soon. ” We share the road of life with ones that we hold dear”

  39. i would like to nominate my dad as he reared 3 of us on our own since our mam passed when we were little, he is also fantastic with his grankids, he still looks after me now eve tho im 35

  40. I want to nominate my husband as he has helped us to bring down our energy consumption within the last year by placing our lights on a need to use basis. His quite clever in designing new ways to help with energy efficiency within our home and we are so grateful that he shared this with us over the years so both my sons can practice within their own homes too.

  41. I’d like to nominate my boyfriend as he works very hard and deserve the break… Also as a game keeper these prizes would be perfect for him!

  42. I would like to nominate my husband, the father of our lovely son for being loving, caring, thoughful and unselfish father and husband any woman could ever ask for. Hed rather go without than us going without. As for the eco side of things, he gives out to us alot for forgetting to turn of or unplug electrical stuff esp phone chargers and for always planting lovely flowers around the house. He loves gardening and doing DIY stuff.

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