Deal of Week Water Saving Kit

Save over 25 Euro on Water Saving Kits Water-Saving-Kit-Sale

Using less hot water will immediately help to save you money energy bill and will save even more when the water rates come in.

Buying all the products contained in the water saving kit normally costs over 55 Euro but you can get everything together until May 16th for just €29.95 

The kit includes

1 Shower Head Flow Regulator  which restricts the water flow from the shower to just 8 litres per minute without compromising the water pressure (some showers use 15 litres per minute)

1 Bathroom Tap Aerator insert into tap and restricts water flow to just 3.7 litres per minute and like the shower head flow regulator it won’t compromise the water pressure.

1 Kitchen Swivel Tap Aerator restricts flow to just 6 litres per minute and will typically save over 30,000 litres of water in your kitchen per annum.

2 Toilet Tank Banks which are fitted with water and inserted into your toilet cistern so that you can save two litres of water everytime you flush

4 Toilet Leak Detection Tablets are dropped into the toilet cistern to check for leaks which are sometimes not clearly visible to the naked eye. If the water turns blue after 10 minutes you got a problem to resolve.

1 Roll of Plumbing Tap

Order Water Saving Kit Now and save over 25 Euro

For telephone orders call 01 8428187


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