Assembling Water Butt Kit

How to Assemble a Water Butt Kit

Assembling a water butt kit is quite simple really. Other than all the bits and bobs you receive in the kit all you will need is a measuring tape, a hacksaw, a drill and a 25mm drill bit.


When you receive your Water Butt Kit you will receive the following

Water Butt


Child Proof Lid

Downpipe Divertor Kit


Follow the simple ten steps outlined below and you are ready to go. If you have any difficulty don’t hesitate with getting in touch. Email¬† or call 01 8428187.

Step 1: Disconnect Lid of Water Butt by pushing right to left.

Step 2: Take out Stand and Downpipe Divertor Kit for Butt and unscrew tap for inside out position (it is positioned inside out so as not to be damaged whilst being transported)

Step 3: Place Water Butt on Stand and position beside the downpipe with the tap facing outwards and reattach the tap on to the outside of the Water Butt

Step 4: You will find drill points at the top of the Water Butt on both the left and right hand side. Using a 25mm drill bit make a hole on the side of the Water Butt closest to the downpipe. Ensure that drill bit is in the marked central area.

Step 5: Push connector through the washer from the inside then tighten the nut on the outside to form a seal.

Step 6: A 30mm section now needs to be removed from the downpipe. Mark the downpipe 10mm below the top of the water butt. Mark again 30mm below the first mark.

Step 7: Use hacksaw to remove this section of downpipe.

Step 8: Insert main body of the divertor kit ensuring the square section is upright into the cut section the down pipe.

Step 9: Connect hose between the Water Butt and the divertor kit on downpipe.

Step 10: Place Childproof lid on top of Water Butt and you are ready to start collecting rainwater from your downpipes.

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    1. Hi Dermot,
      The downpipes fit neatly inside the divertor kit on standard downpipes (65 to 68mm). Nothing needed to secure them.
      For other sized downpipes you will need to get something like our Multi-Fit Downpipe diveror kits.

  1. i will check all my dimensions where i want to fit the water butt and get back to you but a 3 m length will be more than adequate

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