A Big Thank You!

Just to say Thanks… It is not said enough!

This business was set up at the height of a recession in 2009. It has overcome many obstacles over the years and has been on the brink of folding several times (particularly in the early years) yet 10 years on and we are still trading away.

March 2020 was a very difficult month for us as orders came to a virtual standstill particularly during week 3 and 4 of the month.

We were under severe pressure! Even though revenue had stopped coming in bills still had to be paid.

The future looked very bleak!

However slowly things picked up during April and by the end of the month it turned out that we had processed more transactions through our website than any April in any of the 10 years we have been trading.

The momentum has continued into May and as we go into the second half of the month we have already processed more transactions than we did for the whole month of May in 2019.

This of course is only because of you the customer and the faith you put into us getting goods too you during this unprecedented pandemic crisis.

Eventhough the majority of orders are still processed and delivered to our customers very quickly we have had to deal with running out of stock at times and delays due to couriers being so busy.

Thanks to the vast majority of you for your patience when orders have been delayed and your understanding of the difficult situation we are all in at this strange time in our history.

Please continue to put your faith in small Irish businesses where possible and where you can get value for money obviously.

Visit the dedicated Irish products section of our website or visit our sister site to see a growing range of locally produced products Kerrymade.com  

We need you more than Amazon or Ebay do and you are much more likely to get a voice at the end of the phone or a reply by email from a human being when you deal with small businesses like us.

Thank you all again for your continued support

It is something which can never be said enough!





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