Win Luxury Camping Weekend

Win a Luxury Camping Weekend in Co Clare Bell-Tent have teamed up with Purecamping in Co Clare to offer you the opportunity to win a cosy romantic weekend for two under the stars at the beautiful Loop Head Peninsula eco-campsite.

The winners will stay in a furnished bell tent with a wood burning stove at this beautiful 10 acre site set in emerging native woodland which surrounds an ancient ring fort.

Owned by Trea and Kevin Heapes, Purecamping is in the small Clare village, Querrin Pure-Camping-Co-Clarewhich is a sanctuary for a wide variety of birds including curlews, herons and greenshanks. Whilst in the area you can take a number of wonderful walks on the shoreline and the beautiful country roads. You can also visit one of a number of beaches close by or go to Querrin Creek which is ideal for rowing, kayaking, fishing and sailing.

Private yoga classes can also be arranged with Trea and massage and sports treatments with Kevin.

For your chance to win all you got to do is go to our shop and submit a comment below telling us what is your favourite product and why.

We will announce the winner of this wonderful prize on Valentine’s Day (February 14th)

Purecamping is currently closed for the winter season but reopens at the end of March (Easter weekend)

Some weekends are already booked out for the 2013 season so the prize will have to be taken on a weekend when there is availability.

For more information about Pure Camping visit the website at or call 065 905 79 53



  1. My favorite product is difficult to chose. There are so many cool things! So I have listed 3!

    1. The Electric Hot Water Tap! My hot water tank upstairs is miles away from my kitchen sink. It takes ages for it to get there, and it even warms up my feet on the kitchen tiles on the way there! So much heat is wasted – which means energy and money, I am going to start saving up for one right now!

    2. The showerdome – like why has no-one ever thought of this before? it is genius. I am defiantly one who hates the coldness coming into the shower cabinet and offsets it with water that is too hot! It also eliminates the need for those really annoying shower extractor things that get all yucky and dusty and just sound so annoying – and saving the electricity and installation of that too!

    3. As everyone has gadgets these days, and I also like a bit of camping, so will be asking for a Freeloader Pico for my birthday this year!

  2. I love The Automatic Radiator Bleeding Valve I never knew these existed what a fantastic idea and it saves money on your bills. On and the Toilet Smellkiller love this it’s such a genius idea. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  3. The stopcock cosy, could really have done with one of these 2 years ago during the ‘big freeze’. I was without water for nearly a week. The water in the valve froze so to thaw it out I used hot water 🙂 which then froze a couple of hours later 🙁

  4. I love the eco solar powered lamp. It’s really so pretty – looks great and good for the environment -can’t beat that and looking forward to giving one of them to my sister for her birthday – very unique and i know she’ll love it for her new house 🙂

  5. i love the irish products section esp the organic weed killer i like natural products and commend your company for selling both irish and organic well done liked and shared too on facebook

  6. The bin strap!! I think it is a brilliant idea…where i live it is very windy and ALL the time the bins end up on the floor and all the contents end up all over the place!! I’ll get that!!

  7. Solar powered table light. What a good idea, great for barbeques and easy to take camping for that glass of wine round the table at night.

  8. The Irish Natural Soapbox Gift-Set

    For me this is such a beautiful little product, ideal for a gift or just for yourself!! The soap is beautiful and the fact that its handmade in Ireland is another great plus. 🙂

    I’m a big lover of baths and soaps and the product also comes with bath bombs and bath melts to make a nice realxing bath to relieve the stress of the week working/running after the kids!

  9. My favourite product is the Eco Economiser Sheep Wool Cylinder Jacket. I like this product because it’s an Irish product and also because it’s a simple solution to heat loss and energy efficiency.

  10. I love the Eco Economiser Sheep Wool Cylinder Jacket as it ticks all the boxes for me – saves money and energy, made with natural materials and it’s Irish!

  11. i love the eco balls for the laundry.i use them for my baby’s cloth nappies as well as the ordinary wash loads and all the laundry comes out perfectly clean even at 30degrees wash. Good for the environment, our skin and my pocket!

  12. I love the chimney balloon, such a simple yet effective idea. Easy to install & remove and saves you energy that would otherwise be lost. Anything that helps us to keep cosy & is environmentally friendly is a great idea

  13. What a Super idea the Owl Electricity Monitor is! This is exactly what I need in my home to help us all be more conscious of the energy we use. It is a simple, user friendly device that can even make conserving energy “Fun” even for my little ones as we can easily monitor with our own eyes how quickly the numbers increase on the display and we can learn which items in the house uses more electricity. This ingeniuos item is the way forward for cheaper electricity bills in my household :).

  14. I think the rad booster is the greatest energy saving device I’ve ever came across. I bought 2 of these in October and can’t believe the difference it make to my big, no longer cold kitchen. A simple device that is easily fitted in minutes, my kitchen always warmer ( faster), and the rad is not on as long. Not alone is the area warmer iv also noticed i don’t burn as much oil. Thanks very much Purchace. Ie. I will most certainly be a returning customer.

  15. The bin trasher is a terrific product and really does capture it’s target audience. It’s a unique item and products similar to it have made appearances on the Dragon’s Den both here and in England. It generates at least another 40% of space in a conventional wheelie bin. The sheer amount of waste produced by each household every week is increasing and the dangerous task of standing in your bin is a foolish thing to do.

  16. The Organic Weedkiller is the best weedkiller I have ever used. We have used many types and brands of weed killer over the years but most were expensive and a waste of money, time, and energy as they were ineffective. Vegetation sprayed with the product takes about a week to wither and die. Certain plants, depending on type, size, and age, may require a second application, but this stuff works. However, one tip for you is not to use the weedkiller in windy conditions as it will uncontrollably dispersed and may wipe out flowers and plants you want to keep!!!

  17. My favourite product has to be the Eco Kettle. Has definitely played its part in reducing the Esb bill. You fill up one side of the kettle with water which basically stores it at room temperature until you need to boil it, so this is where part of the saving comes in as its much warmer to start with than if you filled it from the tap. You then just press down a knob on top to release the amount of water you need to boil (just over 100ml will do a cup of tea) instead of boiling excess you don’t need.

  18. For me it’s got to be the radiator booster, what a fantastic idea, every home is in need of one of these at the moment, with frost at night and the threat of snow and sleet on the way, even the thought make my bones ache with the thought of all that cold weather. I have a sitting room dining room which is impossible to heat I have already but a damper in my fireplace to stop the cold coming down the chimney and dry lined the walls, wanted to put sliding doors between the rooms but they don’t make a rail long enough for me so this sounds like the perfect solution a radiator booster the picture shows that it justs sits on top of your radiator so it’s not incringing on any space in your room well done hope you sell loads Deirdre

  19. I purchased a chimney balloon 2 years ago from and it is fantastic. It has reduced draughts in my entire house made it so much warmer and reduced my fuel bills by €€€€’s

  20. My favourite product is the Shower Timer from Powerplus. My kids are all coming of an age where they prefer showers to baths. This is a fun way of letting them know that water is valuable and not to be wasted. From my side of it – its convenient too, I would have thought I was speedy enough in the shower but when you actually put a timer running you realise you could actually be quicker!! With water charges coming in ALL houses should get one of these!

  21. My favourite product on your website is the Pedal Powered Washing machine as its the best Eco friendly product I have seen and I would definitly use it

  22. My choice….. Flexi Solar Panel Kits with Roof and Decktop Fittings …. prob 60W…..though could choose many other items too! First time to visit your site – won’t be the last 🙂

  23. It would have to be the instant hot water tap. It would get plenty of use every day, be more eco-friendly and the fact that it’s an Irish product is a huge plus!
    Also, my sister-in-law has one and I’m a tad jealous of it!

  24. Irish organic path and patio cleaner.
    (1) It’s Irish, so supporting Irish jobs.
    (2) It’s natural, and no trouble with worrying about kids and pets on the patio after using it.
    (3) It works – I’ve tried this before and it works a dream.
    (4) It’s great value on the website!

  25. I love the Stopcock cosy…I heard about this idea on the radio before but didn’t know where to get one until now. It would solve the problem of mine and my neighbour’s water pipes freezing like they did a couple of winters ago!

  26. I like the product “Bin Trasher”. It’s such a simple and useful idea that everyone wish they had thought of it themselves!

  27. I totally love the Christmas Pudding Bin Liners… Wow they are fantastic!!! Im smiling away here 🙂 Ive 4 kiddies, 2 dogs, and normally grandma and grandad, auntie and uncle, my and my hubby, so to say we have quite a bit of rubbish is an understatement.. I just think these would bring such a smile to all our faces and to anyone passing the house lol (also to the bin men im sure)..x

  28. My favourite product is energy saving bulb. It is environment friendly, saves energy and money. And very good value for money.

  29. Wow do you have some amazing products, this was a hard choice!

    I have to chose the radiator boosters with the cold weather we’re having at the moment, what better way to keep the house nice and toasty 🙂

  30. If I was able to choose something from your website I would pick the Solar Alarm Clock (though the solar powered fairy lights would be tempting!). I spend my summer working at music festivals all over England and living out of my tent. I definately need help to get out of my sleeping bag some mornings 🙂

  31. I love the instant hot water tap, nothing worse then washing your face in the evening with cold water espec in these cold times 🙂

  32. It would definitely have to be the Radiator Booster MK3 by far! Not only is this an amazing invention but it is a necessity in Ireland. I am so sick and tired of being cold when my heat is on all the time, and it’s because most of the hot air from the radiator warms the wall and traps it from spreading evenly in each room. If you stand in front of the radiator your’re warm, but if you are in bed or in a chair, you don’t feel the warmth at all. With the booster I don’t think I will have this issue any more. I will most definitely be purchasing one of these very soon, and look forward to a warm house again.

  33. Oh without a doubt the energy saving GU10 bulb’s I’ve loads of those light’s around the house and can’t keep bulb’s in them, have replaced all the units thinking it was a short or bad electrical work but no they still blow possibly me buying cheaper bulbs. Realistically you pay for what you get and I must invest in a load of these.

    Best of luck with the social networking and the shop 🙂

    Oh I’ve just noticed something else I need badly the “Automatic Radiator Bleeding Valve” I’ve actually flooded the ensuite when I tried to bleed the rad but ended up taking the whole valve off *looksround* this would be a right idea for me 🙂

  34. mine would have to be the water butt kit, it holds 190 litres of water, every1 should have one of these and save water for lots of reasons, powerwashing,cleaning and making your garden grow. soon enough every home is going to have a water metre and be charged, there are talkes bout not been allowed to use garden hoses anymore, well you can with this, your saving water so use it how you like

  35. After browsing through your shop wit so many great gadgets n products I nearly 4 got I wanted 2 enter competition, I seem 2 hav been swayed back 2 the shower timer on page 2. Think this is a fantastic gadget because I have a home wit 3 kids ages 15, 13 n 4, my 15 year old girl spends approx an hr in d shower, while on d other hand my 13 year old son think 5 mins is way 2 long 2 stand under water and finally my 4 year old girl just loves her bath with the shower running at d same time. So as u can see a shower timer would b a god send 2 me as it would ensure I could save water n energy while at the same time make sure d kids r clean. 20 mins max timed each. Happy days

  36. Energie Water Heating Solar Panel System (Eco 250). Hot water 365 days of the year is a must in my house with 3 sport mad kids who need daily showers. Eventhough it sounds expensive it would save me thousands in the long run and with a grant available it is definitely something I will be looking into.

  37. water powered calculator

    what a great idea … there will always be water.. mind you with water charges i guess i will have to use rain water

  38. I would buy the Irish Natural Soapbox Gift-Set.
    The reason is simple – it’s natural, refreshing, wild and romantic. Just like Pure Camping!

  39. Salt Water Powered Four Wheel Drive Toy Car for the kids, they would love it to see how it works and also show them you don’t always need batteries for toys!!

  40. Kelly outdoor kettle kit and the Sheep Wool Slippers, because if I won the prize I could have my hot cuppa anytime I want, and lovely warm slippers to keep my toes warm. Fab website will defo be making some purchases.

  41. The Chrome Eco Kettle is a brilliant idea and its looks good too. I’m really conscious of how heavy the kettle is on electricity because its continually boiling in our house. My partner fills a full kettle for tea even though its usually just two cups needed. The kettle will be turned on and he then leaves the kitchen. This is usually repeated several times before he makes tea. As the Eco kettle only boils the amount of water inside that you intend to use, it cuts down on wasting electricity plus it would boil faster so he might stay and get the tea on the first attempt! I want this!

  42. Hi, great site…and great competition, because once I started browsing your products, I couldn’t stop! My favourite product (so far!) is the Owl Electricity Monitor…want to/have to cut down on my energy consumption, and this would give a practical way of doing it.

    Love the fact that the Purecamping prize is for two…we often bring our kids camping, but it would be wonderful to bring my wife away on a much more luxurious, romantic version! We have a lot of camping kit anyway, but I could celebrate by buying a new camping light from!

    Great prize, and and very in keeping with your site…I’ll definitely be back :-).

  43. The ECO Kettle for sure.. who can live without a tea or coffee first thing in the morning!?!?!? Are you mad?!!?

  44. The instant hot water tap and I like that you have a video to show how it operates. Because such a lot of water is wasted waiting for it to become hot and this is the ideal solution. Also the Solar Powered Table Light is an ideal present that you could give as a birthday present or someone that reads alot.

  45. chimney balloon – who knew. We live in an old house with draughty fireplaces in all the bedrooms. This will change our lives. Been dreading having to brick them up to save heat but these will make such a difference. Great website, have spent ages browsing. didn’t know about it before! Thanks!

  46. Waiting for my Godson’s birthday to buy it but i just love the slot car racing kit! So hard to find presents for children these days that I actually want to buy and that they’ll enjoy!! Glad I have a go to site for such occasions now

  47. solar powered lamp for the table is my favourite… i dont miss my glass when im pouring while out camping…:)

  48. Eco Kettle, great buy especially if your kettle is boiled as ofetn as mine is each day & its also looks great on your counter top 🙂

  49. Greywater Recycling Kit is brilliantly simple. When we have water metering next year, this little fella will come into his own!

  50. my number one Eco product has to be the hot water tap, its a great idea. a lot of time and money is wasted heating a tank of water when you only need a small amount. will look into it further.

    Also like the Eco candle, it looks cool and safer than a normal flame burning candle. also is safe around children and can be left lighting throughout the night!

  51. I’d love the solar weather station. I live on a farm and knowing what the weather is going to be like is very important.

  52. In Eco shop Ireland
    There are so many cool products to choose
    From a Solar Desk light or Electricity Monitor.
    To save energy you just cant loose

    Or raise environmental awareness
    And have fun while doing so
    With a water powered car or a solar helicopter
    To educate any kid you know

    But for camping a few things spring to mind
    In my tent they’d definitely fit.
    Like a Freeloader Pico Solar charger
    Or a Kelly Outdoor Kettle Kit.

    Now I have the energy I need to go camping
    With thanks to
    Who will be Luxury Camping in Clare this weekend?
    I hope It gets to be me!

  53. Has to be the wter butt tank. How else can you get anything like this for free. I beter when charges come in this will be the first thing that people buy. Great idea.

  54. Solar Power Garden Lights: apart from being a great product I got a great laugh hearing a friend explain to her mother that the solar garden lights were powered by the sky to which the mother said, oh thats a shame as I only have UPC in my home.

  55. Amazing website – great idea of yours to use the competition like this as I would probably never have found the site! Took ages clicking page after page but I think the Far Infrared Panels sound fantastic and should be installed in all hospitals/nursing homes etc and in an ideal world – all eldery peoples’ homes too.

  56. The Radiator Booster is the most ingenious little device. All of us know that heat is wasted each night but barring putting a sheet of tinfoil behind our rads there really hasn’t been an attractive an efficient solution on the market. A+ to the developer who moved outside the box…and moved the heat from behind the radiator!

  57. I love the pedal powered washing machine. What a great item for an extended camping trip! Would make packing a lot easier!

  58. Panda Eco Stapler- no more staples how brill is that!, they constantly fall apart, get stuck or bent at times on pages, need to buy them and sometimes forget when most needed…and the ease the panda eco stapler works!

  59. The solar radio is something everyone needs. We need to save our mobile phone battery for emergency help phone calls, so the radio will keep us company as we are stuck in the tent, playing snap, again.

  60. I love the Far-Infrared Heating Panels. I live in a wooden house with no insulation in the walls. These heating panels would be great in my kitchen and bedroom as they are so easy to assemble, and would be like living in sunshine in those rooms! And saving 70% of my heating costs would see me through these tough winters. Oh to win the lotto! lol But there are so many great products I never knew about on this site – if I ever get to build my own passive home, it will be kitted out with lots of these products. Well done ! and Thanks.

  61. I would choose the Freeloader Pico solar charger because it’s inexpensive initially, wouldn’t cost anything thereafter and quick and very handy to take on holiday to charge up my phone.

  62. I love the heat powered stove fan. Expensive but the money it would save would be unreal. Especially because my parents have put in a stove where there used to be a fireplace meaning a lot of the heat is sucked up the chimney and not circulated. Massive waste of money and energy. I’ll be showing my dad this!

  63. Solar powered table light so I can sit out on a summer evening for longer with a glass of wine. Also an emergency phone charger as my phone is my life and while I am camping Lol I may need to order more stuff from you website.

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