Solar Power Station Questions and Answers

Solar Power Stations Frequently Asked Questions

How does an SPS system work?
Using a premium Solar Technology International panel, energy is harvested from daylight and transferred via a sophisticated management system into the deep cycle, ultra safe solar battery. The energy stored in thebattery is then available to use as and when required. Power can be delivered as 12v current to power 12v appliances such as garden lights, interior lighting, some lap top computers etc or 240v current through the supplied inverter to power most “plug in” electrical devices most often used in the home and business.

Which SPS system should I buy?
There are four SPS systems in the range, all of which deliver differing amounts of power and selection should be made depending on what appliances need to be powered (refer to the table at the bottom of solar power station product page). Should, in the future, more power be needed (for example to run your appliances for longer or to run more appliances) an SPS Extension Panel can be purchased and this simply plugs directly into the Power Box. Therefore “daisy chaining” an additional panel couldn’t be easier.

How to install an SPS system?
This is very straight forward! All SPS systems and SPS Extension Panels are supplied ready assembled.

First step is to decide on the solar panel location. The panel is supplied with a multi adjustment rack so it can be located on soil, grass, hard standing or a flat roof (full
instructions, hint and tips are supplied).

A 10m cable,attached to the solar panel, plugs directly into the all weather Battery Box. A 10m extension cable then plugs into the “power out” socket of the Battery Box and the
end of this cable needs to enter into the building or room where the power is needed. The cable then attaches to the inverter and that’s it!

A standard multi gang extension (not supplied) can then be plugged into the inverter and
the SPS is ready to start delivering power.

Can the SPS system be moved?
A great feature of this system is that it is totally portable. The solar panel and rack can be folded flat and the Battery Box is easily carried. Therefore, one SPS can beused in many different locations.

How long will an SPS system last?
A system should last for 35 years. The component parts have varying warranty periods as follows: solar panel – 20 years, battery – 3 years, inverter 2 years the other components have a lifetime guarantee. The consumable elements i.e battery and inverter should
last 5+ years and can easily be replaced.

What is the payback time on an SPS system?
This can be immediate if using the SPS as an alternative to installing mains cable – in fact not only will pay back be instant but the costs saved will be enormous! Where the system is being used in premises where mains power already exists, payback will be longer. Of course, the payback time could be significantly reduced depending on future energy
price increases.

What is the environmental benefit of using an SPS system?
The environmental benefits are significant. An SPS system will save nearly 2 tons** of carbon emissions over its lifetime – a very impressive amount for a single system! Add in an SPS Expansion Panel and each installation really goes a long way to cutting down on the use of fossil fuels.

What are the benefits of using an SPS system over other micro renewable systems?
• No installation costs
• Limited running costs and virtually no
• Totally safe
• No noise or vibration
• Planning permission is not required
• Fully portable
• Low costs – long term guarantees

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