Smartfan Repair Kit Installation Guide

Smartfan Repair Kit Installation Guide

Tools required that are not provided to carry out installation of the Smartfan repair kit (available here!)

(a) Flathead Screwdriver

(b) Pliers

Step 1. Remove the front blade using the 1.5mm Allen key, loosen the grub screw which is located at the back of the blade and pulling it forward, taking care not to bend it.

Step 2. Remove the side blade by loosening the grub screw, using a screw driver to gently prise the blade from the motor.

Step 3. Remove the front motor housing unit with the 4mm Allen key which will expose the wires.

Step 4. Remove both wire connectors and separate wires.

Step 5. Loosen the grub screw on the side motor using the 1.5mm Allen key, taking care to count the number of revolutions – THIS IS IMPORTANT AS IT WILL BE NECESSARY TO REFIT THE NEW MOTOR, WITH THE SAME NUMBER OF REVOLUTIONS.

Step 6. Remove the motor, paying particular attention to the path of the wires.

Step 7. Remove the aluminium heat shield which is located under the front motor housing unit using the 3mm Allen key. Remove completely the exposed grub screw using the 1.5mm Allen key and take out motor.

Step 8. Loosen the 2 main bolts which hold the fan together using the 4mm Allen key and remove the Thermoelectric module. IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO TAKE NOTE OF THE PRESSURE ON THE MODULE BY FIRST TRYING TO TIGHTEN THE BOLTS, THIS WILL MAKE IT EASIER WHEN TIGHTENING THE NEW MODULE INTO POSITION.

Step 9. Push new side motor (long wires) into position rerouting the wires as previously indicated. Lock the motor into position taking into consideration information given in STEP 5.

Step 10. Push the remaining motor (short wires) into the front motor housing bracket, taking care to align the grub screw hole with that of the small hole in the motor. Refit grub screw, ensuring that it engages the hole but taking care not to over tighten.

Step 11. Fit the heat shield back into position.

Step 12. Push the new Thermoelectric module into position and tighten the 2 main bolts, ensuring that the wires are facing forward. (For LT Models, contact paste is supplied which is very viscous, so take care when opening. Apply the paste to both sides of the module before positioning it). It is important that one bolt is not screwed tighter than the other as this may break the module or impair proper contact – it is best to lock into position by closing the left bolt by half a revolution and then the right and so on, until reasonable pressure on the module is achieved – SEE STEP 8.

Step 13. To reconnect the motors and module, align the 2 red motor wires with the black module wire and insert into electrical connector using a pliers to clamp tight. Repeat this process for the 2 black motor wires and the red module wire.

Step 14. Push the side blade back onto the motor, ensuring that the motor spindle does not protrude and tighten the grub screw.

Step 15. Re-attach the front motor housing bracket to the main body ensuring that you do not snag any of the wires.

Step 16. Push the front blade back into position and tighten grub screw.

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