Sixth Birthday

Sixth Birthday Celebrationsralph birthday

Six years in business and one year in Kerry as arguably the largest online store in the village of The Spa gives us a double reason to celebrate this November.

Our head of security Ralph marked the occasion with a sausage which didn’t last long and a new dinosaur toy which didn’t last much longer.

Unfortunately we won’t get too much time to celebrate this month as November is traditionally our busiest month of the year as the temperatures drop and winter sets. Customers come to us as Ireland’s most comprehensive supplier of energy saving products in an effort to keep energy bills to a minimum and save money.

So celebrate on our behalf by getting a discount across the entire range  by inserting the discount coupon code Wearesix at checkout.

Alternatively call us on the phone and wish us happy birthday and we will process your discounted order for you over the phone.

Read 15 great tips on how to keep your energy bills low here 




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