Redesigned Website Goes Live

Mobile Friendly Site Goes LiveMobile Friendly Website

Provide your feedback for chance to win prizes & get 12.5% discount on all orders this weekend only

Over the past 13 months or so we have been working with Cetacea Creative

to produce a more mobile friendly website.

This morning (July 29th 2016) we are delighted to finally go live with 3.0. Whilst it is still work in progress we were anxious to get something live and give you (our customers) the opportunity to navigate and give us feedback on what you think so far.

This way we can make the required improvements and ensure that  a great user friendly website.

Please use the comment box at the bottom of this page to let us what you think of the new look site and advise us if you are viewing it on a desktop, mobile or other.

We will be giving away the following three prizes to the people that we feel offer us the most valuable feedback on the work done so far and what we can do to improve the site.

1: Trolley Bag

2: Lumi Power Free Outdoor Light

3: Plug In Electricity Monitor

To encourage full navigation on site we are also offer a 12.5% discount on all orders all weekend long no matter what you order. To avail of this offer simply use the code newsite16 at checkout when ordering online.

Alternatively call us on 066 71 36 486, quote the code and we can process your discounted order for you over the phone.

This offer is only available from Friday July 29th to Monday August 1st.


  1. Great & only brilliant products! My suggestion is to utilise the blank spaces either side of the products list – pictures catch the eye better than words, so although the titles are are informative, nothing speaks quicker than an image – so, how about a Box with a Weekly suggestion, highlighting something seasonal – Barbecue item for summer or Heat insulation for Autumn etc.
    Or a picture of general interest subjects – Home heating cost reduction?, or Camping this year?, Help in the kitchen? – each acting like a button straight through to the appropriate list.
    OK, getting carried away now with enthusiasm but any of the above would help a good site become better, don’t you think? Good luck for the future, folks.

  2. Well done everyone–great value– on top of great value–on everything that was excellent value to start with !
    Thank you very much !
    XX G

  3. It’s always good to see a new approach to things which matches the products being sold. Congrats.

    Just a few small things I’ve noticed, and I may be wrong. The phone number…think there should be only one +.

    Also, the phrase ‘if it saves cents we sell it’ doesn’t inspire someone to look at the products on offer as only saves them cents i.e. a small, insignificant savings. Maybe ‘ if it makes cents, we sell it’ would be better as two meanings (sense and cents) although it does refer back to my earlier point.

    Just my thoughts.

    Congrats again and good luck.

  4. I don’t understand why you kept in products you no longer sell I looked through every page and quite a few were we no longer stock this item or this item discontinued or out, of stock and another was in redesign. Why you didn’t just remove those products is beyond me. I was looking using my iPad so it was ok but if you were looking on a phone waiting for each page to download it could be slow and annoying BUT on the plus side your products seem to be good value and different and I like the fact you are proud to sell Irish goods and promote them, also there are lots of things there that make so much sense to problems that people must have thanks again Andrew

  5. Hi, here is my feed back to help you to improve the new web site.
    Im checking it on my mobile. I use an i-phone and there are a lot of features that are not working when using this type of software.
    – there is a blue box called “menu” that half appears on the lower part. It doesnt work very well either once you manage to press on it.
    – once a product is selected and the new page opens, almost half of the screen shows the company logo. U need to scroll down a lot to read the info on the product. We know we are in the web page for purchase. No need to have it displayed for each product! Remove it or reduce it.
    – clean up the obsolete products from the new web page
    – the search engine doesn’t work at all. I used names of current products and no outcome was found using the search.

    Hope this helps!


  6. I Forgot to say that many products have their pictures and text truncated (in the screen of the i-phone)

  7. Site great to navigate around but, if a password is forgotten or you try to register, the link sent by email results in an ‘invalid link’ message when you click on it. Not a show stopper because you can still check out as a guest . Search facility seems to work O.K. on a laptop

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