Purchase.ie taps into water conservation needs-07.01.2011

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Onlimage of aerated showerheadine retailer Purchase.ie, which specialises in innovative sustainable products, is tapping into the water crisis by offering a number of water saving products on its site.

The products include the Renergise Water Conservation kit which includes an aerated showerhead which restricts the amount of water flowing from your shower to just eight litres per minute whilst maintaining the water pressure in the shower.

There are also two tap aerators which fit on the majority of bathroom taps and reduce the water flow to just four litres per minute, the toilet tummy, which is inserted in toilet cisterns and can save up to two litres of water every time you flush, and dye tablets which are designed to check for leaks in your toilet cistern.

Colm Griffin set up Purchase.ie in November 2009. Having graduated with a degree in accounting and human resource management from the National College of Ireland in 1998, he had spent most of his previous career working in advertising in newspapers and broadcasting.

Domain name available

“I have always had an avid interest in sales and advertising and discovering new ways to get products onto the market and reach people. During this research one evening at home, I noticed the internet domain name www.purchase.ie was available and I decided it would be a good one to own,” he explained.

“‘The current water shortage has highlighted just how important it is for us all to try to conserve water. With the introduction of water meters imminent people should be taking proactive steps to make the required changes now.

“What people also forget is that by installing products such as aerated showerheads and tap aerators you will also make immediate savings on your energy bill. Less hot water means lowering your energy usage after all.”

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