Purchase.ie Catch 22 August Promotion.

Purchase.ie Catch 22 Promotion – Stock Clearance Sale Now On!Purchase.ie Catch 22 Promotion

As we continue to add great new products to our range to help reduce energy bills, refuse charges and conserve water we have realised that the store room is getting a little bit full up.

After a little heading scratching we came up with a plan. Throughout August and only until old stock lasts we are offering fantastic discounts on 22 products

Back to School Bargains

Eco Stapler

Keep documents together without the use of metal staples. This product cuts and folds the paper together in one action.

Normal Price €9.95  August Price €5.95

Efergy Shower Timer

Monitors both the amount of water and the amount of time one spends showering.

Normal Price €12.95  August Price €9.95

Glow Badges

Safety device in three colour to be attached to schoolbag to improve road safety. Great back to school accessory.

Normal Price €3.95  August Price €2.95

Reflective Sports Gloves

Increase you visibility at night time and indicate clearly to traffic when turning right with these reflective gloves.

Normal Price €16.95  August Price €9.95

Reflective Sports Socks

Designed to complement high-vis jackets when running or cycling on the road and increase visibility at night time

Normal Price €16.95  August Price €9.95

Solar Keyring Torch

If you ever get to the door after dark and struggle to locate the keyhole with your key then this Solar Flashlight designed to attach to your keys is a practical solution.

Normal Price €8.95  August Price €6.95

Great Gardening Deals

Water Butt kit

Capture the rainfall from your down-pipes and use for your gardening. Includes an overflow facility to allow excess water when butt is full to flow down the drainpipe.

Normal Price €69.95  August Price €59.95

Water Saving Hose Nozzle

Potentially save thousands of liters of water every year with this heavy duty Deluxe Spray Hose Nozzle with Seven Spray settings.

Normal Price €14.95  August Price €9.95

Moisture Meter

The Moisture Meter promotes healthier lawns, gardens, shrubs and helps save water by eliminating improper watering, a major cause of water waste.

Normal Price €9.95  August Price €6.95

Eco Plates

Great for parties and barbeques. Eat from and then plant your plates and watch sunflowers grow as nature takes its course.

Normal Price €9.95  August Price €5.95

Winter Warmers

Chimney Balloon & Inflation Tube

Are cold draughts coming down your chimney flue? Are your energy bills inflated from heat escaping your room? You need a chimney balloon! Same price for all sizes and we include an inflation tube with the order.

Normal Price €29.95  August Price €22.95

Rad Booster

40% of Radiator Heat is lost through your walls. The Rad Booster Reflects the heat back into the room meaning your room will heat faster and retain heat better

Normal Price €34.95  August Price €29.95

Bathroom Bargains


Eliminate steam, mould and mildew from your bathroom and the need to constantly have to redecorate. This is essentially a ceiling for your shower unit

Normal Price €199.95   August Price €169.95

Water Powered Radio Shower

The world’s first ever water pressure powered radio. No wiring, no batteries just turn on your shower and bring singing in the rain to a whole new level.

Normal Price €41.95     August Price €32.95

Irish Natural Soaps Gift-set

A wonderful array of Irish soaps made from natural products. A great gift idea for loved ones.

Normal Price €29.95  August Price €24.95

Safer Home Specials

Electronic Door Viewer

See live images of screen of who is at the door and record who visits whilst your away.

Normal Price €119.95   August Price €79.95

Address Numbering System

Ensure your home is clearly identifiable by day and at night. Solar powered so no energy costs

Normal Price €34.95    August Price €19.95

Water Wisers

Dish Squeegee

Make washing up in your kitchen faster easier and more eco friendly with the Dish Squeegee

Normal Price €9.95   August Price €6.95

Water Leak Alarm

Offers you piece of mind and will detect the damage before it is too late. Will help you to minimise your water and energy bills.

Normal Price €39.95   August Price €29.95

Waste Management


The Loofen can reduce your waste weight be up to 80%. It dries and reduces your food waste and helps to eliminate odours and bacteria from your kitchen.

Normal Price €199.95   August Price €169.95

Energy Savers

Owl Electricity Monitor

The Owl Electricity Monitor shows you how much electricity you are using at any one time and helps changes your usage habits and reduce energy bill

Normal Price €39.95     August Price €34.95

Owl Electricity Monitor (USB Model)

An upgrade from the Owl Micro Model the USB Model comes with a brand new track and store feature.

Normal Price €64.95    August Price €49.95



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