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The New Year certainly hasn’t got off to the best start from a weather perspective in Ireland with widespread flooding, high winds and power cuts throughout the country.

We have decided to give away a number of products that can prove quite useful in current conditions.

It is quite simple to enter and have a chance to win!

Using the comment box at the bottom of the page to tell us which product you feel is most beneficial in bad weather and why?

We have even listed some relevant useful blog posts further on which can assist you putting together your answer.

We will give three of you a prize based on what we feel are the strongest answers.

The prizes are as follows

Emergency-Solar-Flashlight1st PrizeEmergency Solar Light Kit charges through both natural and artifical light and comes with a wall holder.


2nd PrizeSolar Solar-Outdoor-Sensor-LightSensor Outdoor Light if there is a power cut you will still have an outdoor light working with this excellent PIR security device.


Powerplus-Blackbird3rd PrizeWind-Up Flashlight requires no replacement battery simply spin it to charge it.


Competition closes on  Thursday February 13th and we will announce the winners on Friday February 14th.

Update Winners Confirmed

1st Prize: Linda Mneil

2nd Prize: Dominic McGinley

3rd Prize: Calum Nolan

All prize winners will be notified by email.

Don’t forget insert the code “Delivery Deal” at checkout when ordering any goods from before the end of February for free delivery on your order.

See full terms and conditions here 

With more than 300 products now available to choose from its well worth a browse.

Finally here are some links to blog posts which might assist you in putting together your answers.

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  1. Of the items listed, I would choose the Emergency Solar & Dynamo Flashlight with Holder as I think it is the most useful generally in event of a power cut in the home due to bad weather. As there is no need for replacement batteries or bulbs there is no worry to have spares and it is free to recharge as it is solar powered, using natural or indoor light, has a short charging time and if there’s a power cut it can be recharged by winding it up. It has a glow in the dark feature for easy location in an emergency.

  2. The Solar Sensor outdoor light for me. Coming home on dark evenings with a power cut you could always rely on this gem to light your pathway to front door and get you safely inside.

  3. Well, if I’m correct in thinking the prizes are not the suggested answers then I would have to say the chimney balloon…

    Bad weather comes in many forms but anything that cuts down drafts and helps keep heat in the house has got to be a good thing as far as I’m concerned, and we have seen a lot of windy weather recently.. .

  4. In my opinion the best product is ThermFlect Heat Reflecting Barrier.

    It reduces heat loss through walls and boost the performance of your radiators. So keeping me warm during cold winter evenings while saving energy at the same time. Brilliant.

  5. I think the Thermflect Radiator Reflector would be the best in terms of keeping costs down. Heating bills in the winter are always really high, so anything to reduce them is a major bonus.

  6. The Emergency Solar Light Kit looks perfect – it just sits there and you forget about it until you need it – then there it is!

  7. The wind up flashlight because you could be walking home some dark evening or your car breaks down and you will need a light that will run without batteries to see what you are doing and to be seen on the road too. Too many silly people out there walking without lights or reflective clothing and then getting hurt.

  8. For me I think the Dry Paper Logmaker would be the most useful as we rely mainly on our back boiler for our heat and hot water and although we burn our own wood, the logmaker would ensure we use all burnables twigs, paper, leaves, cardboard and in turn reduce our oil consumption. And it is something we would be able to use all year to build up a winter supply of logs!

  9. Most definitely the Emergency Solar Light Kit. Every home & car should have at least one. You may never ever need to use it; but chances are with the changing climate and worsening weather, when you DO need it, it’ll be a godsend!
    2nd choice would have to be the Christmas pudding bin liners though; they’re brilliant 8-D

  10. From my point of view you can not beat the wind up flashlight.Kinetic energy at its best.Spin and win.No battery required.Bonus.

  11. For me the bin strap is the best product – a simple, clever solution to a nasty problem. Weather has been very stormy over the past while and every week all the bins in our estate have been literally emptied all over the road, into gardens, hedges, trees and even down drains. It attracts rodents, looks awful and creates a bad smell! Anything that can keep the bins closed is a really clever solution and they are very reasonably priced too. I know myself and a lot of my neighbours will be buying one of these!

  12. Eco Kettle Chrome Plus because in the cold miserable Winter weather I am forever putting on the kettle for another cup of coffee. This kettle does the job perfectly, is environmentally friendly and saves electricity. Makes a perfect cup of coffee!

  13. The Solar outdoor light, I can think of just the spot where it would be invaluable to me fumbling for the right key in the dark.

  14. The ThermFlect Heat Reflecting Barrier is for my family the product that is the most important. Having a cold house it would be the ultimate in helping heat distribute around the hall, bedroom,sitting room, etc. in fact one for every room, and also most important it will cut down on my heating bill as we all know how costly this is so anything like this product is a plus.

  15. Wind-Up Flashlight with all these dark cold nights and power cuts how handy is there to have a Wind-Up Flashlight for when the power goes again

  16. Emergency solar light kit –

    Its a must have especially in our current climate. No strugling in the dark looking for a candle and matches. Every home should have a solar light for emergencies. Its inexpensive and would make an ideal gift.

  17. The Binstrap is an absolute requirement to keep the lid tight on the bin and prevent rubbish blowing away in the wild stormy weather we have been having so far this month.

  18. Emergency Solar Light Kit Solar lighting removes the hassle and cost of having to install mains wiring, plus solar energy is free. I use it on a permanent basis.

  19. May I just say that having studied all the options,I feel that ,in my case the most beneficial items ,would have to be :The thermal radiator reflector,the bin straps and the chimney balloons,I can immediately see how items like these would greatly help me to keep my home warm in this weather and stop my bin emptying all over the street,saving me plenty of unnecessary cleaning up,especially as I am not able to do it due to bad health.

  20. The wind-up flashlight – could be always at hand and never have to do that frantic root around for batteries ever again or find the batteries are so old that they are welded into any other torch!!

  21. The Bin Strap , high wind’s are very common and the lid of your wheelie bin opening and shutting all night keeping you and your neighbours awake all night is a very common problem too . So a cheap solution is the bin strap so you get a good nights sleep and you wont have out first thing in morning in your pj’s to pick the rubbish that has blown out of your bin which is seen a lot .

  22. Hi,
    The solar kit would have many uses indoor and out during an emergency power cut. Second would be the wind up torch, as well as providing light it would be great for children as they would have no problem using it and keeping it working. Both of the above would also cut out the dangers associated with using candles at such times. Both are safe and Eco friendly.
    Ann Maxwell.

  23. The wind-up flashlight I think. They’re all very useful but this is instant light that will never fail you due to a dead battery or lack of sun etc. – it’s powered by the user and will always be available to use. Usually when I go to use a torch for the odd power cut or when a bulb goes, the batteries in the rarely-used torch are dead! It would avoid problems like that :).

  24. Oh my god, I can’t choose which is the best product. I am probably the coldest woman in Ireland! So for me its all about being hot hot hot! I have a north facing bedroom in our bungalow, which is sooo cold for my 21st birthday I begged my parents to replace my singal radiator with a double one! And I was so happy! Room is less cold, but still cold! Especially last few weeks! I would love to get the Eco Panel Heater! (I think I might order one next week) I would love it just behind my bed, I have a wooden head board….ooooh that lovely heat coming through while i’m tucked up in bed would be heavenly! I can’t sleep at all if I’m cold, Thyroid condition means my body finds it very difficult to actually get warm and stay warm, My partner KILLS me for stealing the duvet when I stay at his! He’s the opposite! His has issues which cause him to easily over heat! What a pair! So yeah! my first love would be the ECO PANEL HEATER!

    Secondly I think the Logmaker is just such a fab idea! Kids would have great fun making them! Teaches them about recycling aswell. It puts alot of what would usually be unwanted waste to good use. I like that it isn’t messy, it can be used indoors. Means less time outside splitting logs and old pallets for firewood. I think I may order one of these for valentines day for my partner. He loves practical things like this, I was going to get him a brew your own beer kit, but I actually think he would appreciate this more!

  25. I’d definitely choose the Pedal or Mains Charged Power Generator Power Bank. We live in a very windy part of the country and power cuts are a constant part of our winter lives. We do have wind-up flashlights just in case the power goes & a camping stove, but to be able to have this on standby would be brilliant! And we get to exercise as well; could get the children involved and help them learn about the importance of energy conservation.

  26. For me it would be the Pedal or Mains Charged Power Generator Power Bank. We’ve had a lot of power cuts this winter and we do always keeps candles and torches around and have stoves without back boilers that we can keep lit it’d be nice to be able to all snuggle up and watch a movie during a power cut, knowing that the food we have in the freezer won’t go bad when the power is off.

  27. As the years pass, the greatest fear when living in a rural location is isolation and being cut off from others. The mobile phone is the greatest contact but of course it needs regular recharging. Accordingly on low budget I would select the Pico charger for portable devices… or if money would allow with ten times the budget, the Cougar pedal power device. At least, with either of these you would be most unlucky not to have a fully charged mobile phone and contact accordingly with emergency services and relations and friends.

  28. id go for the wind up flashlight. we had the experience of loosing our power for the whole day and night during the xmas period because of the windy weather. we were lucky enough to have a generator to run some power but as it the power cut happened during the night we had to stumble around in the dark to make our way out to the shed to start the generator. a wind up flashlight would have been handy as battery flashlights are nearly always dead when needed!

  29. The wind-up flashlight. Love that it needs no batteries so is always ready in an emergency. Would be great to have one in the car as well in case of breakdowns.

  30. Emergency Solar & Dynamo Flashlight – Helps you out of the darkness and into the Light!

    when someone blows a fuse … you won’t get a fright ! 🙂

  31. Magnetic Radiator Reflective Foil – like all great ideas it’s stunning in its simplicity and seems blindingly obvious! Love that it has no running costs itself and means we can turn the gas down a notch or two without feeling cold. Simple to install and will save you a fortune over the course of Winter.

  32. Thanks to The Solar Sensor Outdoor Light
    I would feel safe and secure on a stormy night
    This reluctant energy bill payer
    Can protect her pocket and the ozone layer
    There’s no flicker of doubt
    When the power is out
    Come hale rain sleet or snow
    My solar sensor is all aglow

  33. I have three radiator boosters, which are extremely effective at pumping heat around our open=plan sitting room. The have recouped their cost within 24 months of purchase.
    Thanks Colm for your array of excellent, novel and useful products.

  34. Wind-UP Flashlight. I would like to have the Wind-Up Flashlight because I could take it everywhere inside and outside and know all I have to do is wind it up if it dies

  35. The emergency solar light kit would be very helpful. The family spent most of 2013 in hospital, we’re all understandably shaken and anxious. The emergency solar light kit would help us a sleep a little better at night now we could have that in hand.

  36. Instant electric hot water tap.1st thing on a cold winters morning for my hubby to shave, me to wash face, hands. Wash breakfast dishes before I dash out the door and defrost the windscreen of the car

  37. id have to say the emergency solar light kit,the solar light kit would be so better for old folks, all the have to do is hang it on a wall or just leave it in the light of day to charge up,no work involved, the wind up flash light is handy but can you see an elderly women in her 70s spending time to wind it up? she might not be able

  38. I have stolen my dad’s radiator booster from the kitchen, to help heat my own bedroom. This piece of simple equipment is unreal, no more cold nights for me as I continue to write my book BLENNERVILLE AND FAMINE.

  39. Emergency solar lighting would be great for us older people. No more tripping around in the dark searching for candles, torches etc.

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