Toilet Water Saver



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Toilet Water Saver

Developed by ecosavers the Water Saver is designed to reduce the water flow when you flush your toilet whilst still allowing you to control if you require a quick or a long flush.

The Water Saver  is a weight you can hang on the flow tube inside your toilet tank. This weight brings down the flow tube as soon you release the flush handle. So no more fully flush of your toilet tank content, but only flushes the water you need and want to use.

How the Ecosavers Toilet Water Saver works

When you push the flush handle on your toilet tank, the flow tube inside will go up which allows the water stored in the tank to flow through your toilet (fig. 1_)

The Water Saver for toilet is a  weight you can hang on the flow tube inside the toilet tank. If the weight is added, the flow tube will go down again caused by the  weight of the Water Saver and this will stop the flow of the water. When you want a big flush, you can easily just remain pressing the flushing handle. The flushing only stops as soon as you release the flushing handle (fig. 2)



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