Self Cleaning Floor Mop


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Ecozone Self Cleaning Floor Mop and Bucket

Ecozone’s Self Cleaning Floor Mop comes with a dual compartment bucket to offer a quick & easy convenient clean every time.

The Bucket is divided into 3 compartments all you need to do is simply; top the bucket up with clean water, run the mop head through the wet section to dampen the Microfibre Pad and then squeeze out excess water through the dry section to begin cleaning and avoid a soaking floor.

The mop head its self comes with two washable Microfibre Pads that get into corners with precision & ease to lift & trap dirt for an effective clean. Floors will be left sparkling!

  • Easy to use with self-cleaning compartment


  • Quickly soaks up moisture for an effective clean


  • Suitable for most floor types.

How to Use the Ecozone Self Cleaning Mop

Setting up Mop

1: Firstly locate the 3 flat hooks on the underside of the mop head.

2: Find the 3 pikcets on the short underside of one of the microfibre pads and slot the hooks into these pockets.

3: Line up the rest of the Microfibre Pad with Velcro strips on the underside of the mop head.

4: Press down firmly to secure.

5: Reverse order of steops above to remove / change microfibre pad.

Filling the Mop Bucket

1: Discover the biggest open section of the mop bucket. Fill this section with clean water to the maximum line.

To use map

1: In order to start cleaning you will need to place the mop head into the wet wash section of the bucket which is the middle open section.

2: To thoroughly wet mop head feed the mop through the wash section in an up and down motion and repeat this several times.

Note: Tilting the brush diagonally will allow the pad to full soak up water.

Drying mop and removing excess water

1: Before taking the mop toclean floor you will need to dry off excess water.

2: Locate the drying section of the mop bucket.

3: Feed mop through the drying section in and up and down motion. Repeat this action several times.

Now you are ready to clean your floors. Repeact all actions above as many times as needed during the cleaning process to achieve sparkling floors.







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