Rose Linen Water



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Rose Linen Water

This wonderful rose linen water from Living Naturally comes in a 100ml bottle and ensures that your laundry is fresh and delicately scented.

A very useful floral water that has antibacterial properties and a wonderful recognisable floral scent.

Applying linen water to your linens also helps to deter moths and provide antibacterial protection.

Distilled from rosa damascena the water has a pH of 7.34 and has an essential oil content of 0.018%. No preservatives or additives & alcohol free.

Pure, natural, vegan, suistable, ethically sourced and cruelty free ingredients.

How to use Rose Linen Water

Either spray directly on fabrics whilst drying or spray on your linens whilst ironing. Can also be used direct on fabrics such as curtains or upholstery to freshen up.




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