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Ecozone Forever Flush 2000

The forever flush is a small jar designed to be inserted into your toilet cistern to prevent stains and limescale from forming.

As long as blue water is flowing it means that your toilet bowl is sanitary, stain free and deodorised. This eco friendly product is non toxic, biodegradable and is safe for septic tank use.  It lasts effectively for up to 2000 flushes.

Forever Flush is now also available as a twin pack in original fragrance. It is also now available in two new fragrances indigo and jade.





How to use the Forever Flush 2000 ecozone-forever-flush-2000

1: Ensure toilet bowl is clean.

2: Open cistern lid and flush toilet

3: Drop the forever flush into the empty cistern and let cistern refill.

4: When blue water no longer flows when flushing the forever flush needs to be replaced.

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Forever Flush Ingredients

Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous

Sodium Hydroxide

Coco Alkyl Diethanolamides





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