Dust Mite Stopper


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Ecozone Dust Mite Stopper

This naturally formulated plant based dust mite stopper attacks infestations in all areas of the home.

It comes in an easy to use 500ml spray bottle and one appliaction provides up to 6 months protection against dust mites.

Simply spray a light mist over affected area and leave leave to dry thoroughly. Great to use on carpets, pillows, sofas, mattresses and other furnishings in the home.

A great product for people that suffer from allergies this product is completely child and pet friendly.

Dust Mite Stopper Ingredients

N,N-didecyl-N,N-dimethyl ammonium chloride, water


This product is approved by Cruelty Free International and the British Vegan Society.



Moth Repellent

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Spider Repellent

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  1. Hi…..Can you please let me know when the Ecozone dust mite stopper will be in stock again…?

    Many thanks….