Solar Gutter Light

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Solar Gutter Light (Two Pack)

Available in Black or White these wireless and mains power free solar gutter lights come as a pack of 2.

The Gutter lights are made from a durable PP body and  have 3 super bright white LED lights.

Easy to install the solar gutter lights have a daytime / nighttime sensors so they will only turn on after dark,

They also have a manual on/off switch so you can easily turn them off after dark if you wish.

These solar gutter light have in built polycrystal solar panel which are, 2V, 40mA.

For best results they should be charged for 6-12 hours
(approx) & are ideal for under your roof on gutter eaves or the garden fence.

Solar Gutter Light Technical Specifications 

Brightness: 6 lumens

Approx Size: L12 x W12 x H6cm

Battery: 1 x AA 300mAh Ni-MH

IP 44 Waterproof

CE Approved

Positioning your Solar Gutter Light 

1: The solar panel must be set in a location that receives full, direct sunlight, a minimum of 8 hours a day. Ideally it should be south facing.

2: Regularly clean with a damp cloth to ensure it is working to its optimal level. (Do not use abrasives or chemicals to clean as this can damage the solar panel)

Solar Gutter Light Battery Charging

Before operating for the first time the batteries need to be fully charged.

1: Turn power switch to off position.

2: Allow 3 days to charge the batteries (summer time, add 1 day for winter sun)

3: After charging turn the power switch to on/auto. The light will illuminate  after dusk and switch off at dawn.




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