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Solar Outdoor Fairy Lights

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Make significant saving on your energy bill with these wonderful white LED Solar String Lights are available in 3 sizes (50 LED, 100 LED and 200 LED) Great for Christmas or indeed any festive occasion.

A survey conducted on behalf of the Energy Saving Trust in the UK found that a typical 100 set of 5 Watt outdoor fairy lights consumes 207 KW if switched on 6 hours per night over the Christmas period.

Based on current energy rates in Ireland this translates into about 62.10 Euro per 100 Light set every Christmas (if currently paying 30 cent per KW)

After the initial layout these Solar Fairy Lights will add nothing to your energy bill.

These string lights are charged using solar power & will turn on at dusk & off at dawn automatically.  They are easy to install, have 2 switch modes of solid & flashing plus they require 1 x AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery (included). They are perfect for decorating trees, shrubs, garden decking or even outdoor Christmas trees.

Approx Total Length of Fairy Light Sets 

6.9m/17.5 feet(50 Set)

11.9m/39 feet (100 Set)

21.9/72 feet (200 Set)

Solar Fairy Lights Features

- Built in battery recharges through solar energy created by daylight

- Easy to install (no wiring necessary)

- High IP rating  of 44 making them rain resistant and perfect for  outdoor use.

- Dusk to dawn light sensor (lights automatically come on when it gets dark and switch off in the morning as it gets bright)

- Automatically charges when lights are off and can provide light output for up to 12 hours when fully charged.

- Concave shaped LED head gives consistent and uniformed brightness at all angles

Installing Your Solar Fairy Lights

  • It is important to position the solar panel where it will receive maximum sunlight.
  • The position needs to be where it is free from cover or shade and, ideally, in a position that receives full sun throughout the day.
  • Avoid other light sources which may cause solar lights to flicker on and off.
  • Secure the lights carefully so they cannot be damaged.
  • Insert the solar panel spike in the ground or otherwise make it secure and ensuring the angled toward the lights
  • If solar panel get dirty, the charging capacity will be reduced. Clean panels occasionally with damp clothes.

Features and Benefits of the Solar Fairy Lights

  • As bright as mains powered fairy lights
  • Fully weather proof and water proof
  • Up to 12 hours operation once fully charged
  • Turn on and off automatically
  • On / Off switch to override automatic function.
  • Charge by day, light at night
  • Easy to install anywhere - Detailed User Guide enclosed
  • No operating costs
  • 1 year warranty
  • CE Certified



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