Smart LED Floodlight


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Smart LED Colour Changing Floodlight

This fabulous Smart LED Colour Changing Floodlight can be operated even when not on site through an App. When on site it can be voice controlled through the aid of Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Google Assistant.

It is super bright (1600 lumen) is fully weather resistant (IP rating 65) and the LED produces the lighting equivalent of a 150W bulb whilst only using 16W.

This means the floodlight would need to be turned on for about 200 hours before it would add 1 euro to your energy bill.

This Smart LED light comes with a one meter cable and allows for colour mood setting. Why not go white for Christmas, green for St Patricks Day, red for Valentines, purple for Easter and so on

Installing the Smart LED Floodlight

It is easy to install.

Simply download the Enerjsmart app, enter device in pairing mode and select + on the App

Select Lighting (wi-fi) after clicking + on top right then follow the prompts on the screen and enter your wifi password and your device will be paired within a few seconds.

Please note this supports 2.4G only

Smart LED Floodlight Technical Specifications

Wattage 16W (Equivalent 150W)
Voltage 85-265V
Lumen 1500-1600
Colour temp RGB & CCT
Materials Aluminum + Glass
Working Life 25,000 hours
Ra -80
IP rating 65
Rated Voltage 220V AC
Variation range 85-265V AC
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Variation frequency 47-63Hz
Input Current 0.19 Amps max At 85V AC and 0.06 Amps max At 265V AC
Inrush Current 20 Amps max. Cold starts at 240V AC input, with rated load and 25 degree Celsius ambient
Cooling Cooling shall be with natural convection cooling
Operating temperature 0 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius
Storage temperature -10 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius
Operating IEC 721 -3-3 3M3 5-9Hz

A=1 .5mm(9-200Hz, Acceleration 5m/S2)

Voice Control with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Google Assistant
Weight 0.716Kg
Size 184 x 143 x 43mm