Mosquito Solar Repeller Light



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Mosquito Solar Repeller Light

The POWERplus Mosquito is a portable LED lantern with integrated electric
mosquito repeller/killer.
By using the included 1W solar cell, you can charge the POWERplus Mosquito by using solar energy and of course you can also charge this device by USB.

The integrated Li Polymer 2.000 mAh battery guarantees a strong performance of the LED light and the mosquito repeller.

Simply hang this device in your garden when outside after dark. Mosquitos will be attracted to the light instead of your skin and get an electric shock when they come into contact with it.

The light itself has 3 adjustable brightness modes.

See Mosquito Solar Repeller Light Demonstration Video

Solar Mosquito Repeller Light Technical Specifications

Brightness 100% 180 Lumen
Brightness 50% 90 Lumen
Bightness 20% 30 Lumen
Max working time 100% 4 Hours
Max working time 50% 8 Hours
Max working time 20% 20 Hours
Lantern LED 1W / 6000K
Ultraviolet LED 4 * 0.06W
UV wave length 360-400 nm
Max UV working time 30 hours
Grid voltage 500V
Li Polymer battery 3.7V/2.000mAh
Charging Input 5V/1A
Full charge time by USB 3 hours
Full charge time by solar 12 hours
Waterproof (lantern) 1PX6



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