Water Storing Crystals



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Water Storing Crystals

These water storing crystals from Unipro will absorb water many times their own weight and provide plants with a valuable reservoir of water throughout the growing season.

Ideal for use in hanging baskets, pots and containers the crystals come in a 200g carton and the absorb and release water and nutrients in a continuous cycle which reduces the need for frequent and time consuming watering.

They improve compost aeration and also absorb nutrients from liquid feed preventing these from being leached out of the compost.

How to Use Water Storing Crystals

Option A

1: Mix the crystals with the compost and water well.

2: Water again after about an hour to ensure the crystals have absorbed the maximum amount of water.

3: Wash hands after use.

Option B 

1: Soak the crystals in water for about an hour at a rate of one spoon (5ml) per litre of water.

2: Mix well with the compost

3: Wash hands after use.

Water Storing Crystals Application Rates

Hanging Baskets

Diameter Spoons
25cm (10 Inches) 1-2
30cm (12 Inches) 2-3
35cm (14 Inches) 3-4
40cim (16 Inches) 4-5

Pots and Containers

Diameter Spoon
10-13cm (4 to 5 Inches) 1/4
15-18cm (6 to 7 Inches) ½
20-23cm (8 to 9 Inches) 1

In the Garden

Mix crystals with the soil in the bottom of the planting hole. Use 1/2 spoon per 1-2 bedding plants and 1 spoon per perennial plant.

Growbags and Water Crystals

Mix 1/2 to 1 spoon per planting station.

Water Crystals General Use

1 x 5ml spoon for every 4 litres of compost.