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USB Smart Charging Cable

A recent study by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland found that over Irish homes waste over 35 million euro per annum by leaving electrical appliances on standby when not in use.

It is also estimated about 25% of the power used by phone charges is consumed when the phone is attached and the device is actually getting charged.

Take a one phone household situation. On average the phone charges 3 hours a day but the user leaves the charger plugged in 24/7 365 days a year.

Per Day Per Annum Total Amount €
Wattage Used Whilst Charging 5 Watt per hour x 3 hours 15W 15 Watt x 365 = 5,475W 5.475 x 0.2 = €1.09
Wattage Used In Standby Mode 2 Watt per hour x 21 hours 42W 42 Watt x 365 = 15,330W 15.33 x 0.2 = €3.07

Above is based on the following

-          1,000W = 1KW

-          1KW = €0.20 on energy bill

This USB charging cable from Ecosavers has a micro USB output making it ideal for Smart-USB-Charging-Cablecharging Android phones and most tablets.

This 1 meter cable includes an integrated digital display which informs you when the battery of the device your are charging is fully charged.

This is shown in two ways.

1: Display figures turns to voltage instead of ampere.

2: Ampere blue LED indicator changes to Voltage indicator which illuminates green. Ecosavers-Smart-USB-Charging-Cable

Because the display informs you that the battery is full, you can disconnect the charger from the mains to save energy, as many chargers use energy when they are connected but no longer charging.