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Solar USB Powerbank Watch

This stylish Powerbank watch from Powerplus allows you to easily charge your mobile or smartphone whenever it is running out of juice.

The powerbank watch has an integrated micro USB charging cable and adapter tips for both the Iphone 4 and Iphone 5.

The watch tells you the time through lights on the left (hours) and right (minutes). There is also an am and pm indicator on the face of the watch.

When fully charged the powerbank on the watch will recharge the battery on a phone by 25% on average.

The powerbank will recharge through natural daylight or usb charged on a computer through the included connection cable.

See Solar Watch Demonstration Video

How to Set Time and Date on Solar Watch

1: Press the mode button on the right hand side of watch and when LEDs light up press the powerplus-powerbank-watchset button until the LEDs on the left (hours) are flashing.

2: Check the time and push the mode button until the right hours and AM or PM time is selected. Then push the set button.

3: Push the mode button until the right 10 minute time is selected and push the set button.

4: Push the mode button until the right single minute time is selected and push the set button.

5: Push the mode button until the right month number is selected and push set (Jan = 1, Feb = 2 etc)

6: Push mode button until the right date in ten day segements is selected (no light = 1-9th of month) and push set button

7: Push mode button until the right single day date is selected and push set button to conclude.

How to display the Time and Date on Solar Watch

Press the mode button and the LEDs will show the time through the illuminated LEDs in hours (left) and minutes (right) and AM or PM (bottom left).

Press the mode button again to see date display the same way (month on left and day on right)

How to Charge Powerbank Watch

The internal battery of the powerbank watch should be charged through a computer by the included USB cable.

Plug the micro USB part of the charging cable into the left hand side of watch and connect the USB part or computer or a USB charger and charging should commence. Whilst charging the indicator LED will illuminate.

How to Charge Mobile / Smartphone through Solar Watch 

1: Carefully remove the mini USB cable from the back of the watch and connect to phone (if watch-phone-chargerits an Iphone 4 or 5 connect the mini USB to the appropriate adapter and connect to the phone.

2: Slide the off button on watch (below the mode and set buttons) across to the on position and your phone will start charging.

3: After charging slide the on button back across to the off position and remove your phone.

More information on Solar Watch

The solar watch is not water proof and it is recommended to avoid high humidity

Batteries with a large capacity (tablets) can not be charged by this product due to the limited capacity of the powerbank.

It is recommended to charge powerbank by usb at least every three months to ensure battery is full as natural light conditions alone may be too low to maintain the battery (wintertime)

Solar Watch Technical Details

USB Output 5V

Max load current output 500 mA

Micro USB input voltage 5V

Battery Lithium 3.7V 500 mAh

Overcharge protection: auto cut off when battery is full.




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