Solar Rattan Ball Lights


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Solar Rattan Ball Lights

Rattan Balls are used in the Southeast Asia game Takraw. The idea is to keep the ball aloft as long as possible in a circle of players who can use who can use their feet, knees, elbows and heads but can’t use their hands

These Solar Rattan Ball Lights or a great way of decorating an outdoor area for special occasions. They can be adjusted between constant on and flashing mode and they automatically turn on and off each night without the need to turn a switch.

The weather resistant Rattan Ball Lights are designed to work all year round and come with a 12 month manufacturers guarantee.

At times of prolonged bad weather they can be charged off the mains and they will light for up to 10 hours per night when fully charged.

The Rattan Balls are spread across a 16m cable with 0.8meters between each ball

How the Rattan Balls work

The sun charges the internal batter on the string of Rattan Ball Lights during the daytime which automatically powers the lights after dark. Adjust the lights from constant on to flashing mode by pushing a button at the back of the panel.

What comes in the Solar Rattan Ball Light Kit Rattan-Ball-Lights

16  x Rattan Ball Lights on a string

1 x Solar Panel control box

1 x Spike

1 x Spike Extension

1 x Wall Deck Bracket

2 x Screws

2 x Rawl Plugs

1 x Instruction Manual

Installing the Solar Rattan Ball Lights

1: Fix Solar panel in place within 2 meters of where you plan to hang the first Rattan Ball.

2: Unwrap string lights and hang in desired location.

3: Plug panel cable into string lights (ensure panel is not placed in a shaded area)

Solar Rattan Ball Lights Specifications

Solar Panel Control Box 11cm W x 9cm D x 2.5cm H

Battery Holder 4cm W x 3cm D x 13.5cm H

Spike 2cm W x 2cm D x 16cm H

Spike Extension 2cm W x 2cm D x 8cm H

Wall Bracket 8.5cm W x 8.5cm D x 1.5cm H

1 LED per Ball

Solar Panel: 0.4W Polycrystalline

Battery: Lithium Ion 600mAh

Light Colour: White




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