Solar Music Box



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Solar Music Box

Solar Music Box is fun to assemble and plays music using the energy stored up from the sun when put together.

Another great product that requires no batteries and no AC power and a great way of teaching your children about energy-efficiency and alternative sources of energy.

The Solar Music Box comes with easy to assemble instructions and diagrams and contains the following components.

  • Horn
  • Left Arm
  • Right Arm
  • Arm Support
  • Platter
  • Top Plate
  • Side Wall (4 Parts)
  • Base
  • Gear Box
  • Solar Panel
  • Gear Box Adaptor

How to Assemble the Solar Music Box

1: Link together the Left Arm, Right Arm and Arm Support

2: Attach horn to the arm.

3: Slot together the four side walls.

4: Insert the assembled side walls to the base.

5: Insert gearbox onto the base and attach the gearbox adaptor on the gearbox. Connect the plus from the base to the socket of the gearbox.

6: Cover the box with the top plate and install the platter on the gearbox adaptor.

7: Install the earlier assembled horn and arm to the top plate.

8: Attach the plug of the solar panel to the socket at the bottom side of the base and your done.

Check the music box by illuminating the solar light with a bright lamp or natural bright sunlight. The platter should turn and you should be able to hear music playing.

Suitable for children 8 years or older. Contains some small parts so should be kept well out of reach of younger children.

This is a CE Certified Product.




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