Solar Helicopter



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Solar Helicopter

The Solar Helicopter from Science Time works both indoors and outside. Assemble with the easy to follow instruction guidelines and diagrams and watch it take off.

The solar helicopter requires no batteries or AC power and is simply powered by bright sunlight or a strong lamp. A great way to teach your children about sustainable sources of energy.

Components for the Solar Helicopter

  • Main Rotor
  • Tail rotor
  • Stand
  • Left Body Left
  • Right Body
  • Landing skid (x2)
  • Tail Fin
  • Tail Boom
  • Window (x5)
  • Solar Panel
  • Motor
  • Support tube main rotor

How to Assemble the Solar Helicopter

1: Attach the two landing skids to the stand.

2: Attach the tail fin and the tail rotor to the tail boom.

3: Attach the tail boom and the already assembled landing skids and stand to the left body.

4: Install the motor and its wires to the inside left body. Make sure the small slot of the socket is facing towards you.

5: Attach the front window to the left body.

6: Join together the left and right part of the main body.

7: Attach the four side windows (marked L and R) to the left and right side of the main body.

8: Insert round side of the support tube to the rotor and insert the main rotor to the support tube.

9: Plug the solar panel to the socket at the rear part of the main body and your done.

Check your helicopter by illuminating the solar panel with a bright lamp or through bright sunshine. The stronger the light the faster the rotor will spin.

Suitable for children aged 8 or older. Contains small parts so should be kept out of reach from small children.

CE Certified Product.



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