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Solar LED Multifunctional Light

This Solar LED Light can be used for many outdoor lighting purposes. Designed by Powerplus it is known as the Goldfinch and comes with a double solar cell to energise the internal battery.

This stainless steel Solar LED light stores energy during the daytime in the included rechargeable battery. At night the light will work for up to 8 hours.

After dark the integrated daylight sensor automatically switches on the light which is powered by 2 powerful LED bulbs.

Ultra slim in design this Solar LED Light comes with integrated holes on the back for easy installation.

Great as an outdoor decoration light, to be placed above a house number or as a stairs security light.

Solar LED Light Video Demostration

Installing the Solar LED Light

1: Choose a sunny place and avoid installing in shadow conditions.

2: Release four screws on the back of the Solar LED Light with a screwdriver.

3: Release the stainless steel backside and plastic backside.

4: Insert battery in the correct position

5: Take the stainless steel back part and place in the required installation position.

6: Re-install the plastic back part and the stainless steel back part with the four screws provided.

7: Drill two holes at the marked positions and insert wall plugs and screws.

8: Leave screws about 5mm out from the wall.

9: Push the on/off button to set the light on operation function and hang the light on the two screws.

Solar LED Light Technical Information

2 Solar Cells 0.1 Watt
Battery: AA Ni-MH 600 mAh 1.2 V
Size 14cm (height) x 9.5 (width) x 2.9cm (diameter)



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