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Neudorff Sluggo - Slug & Snail Killer

Certified by the Organic Farmers and Growers for organic use this rain fast formulation slug and snail killer leave no slime trails and no visible dead slugs or snails.

It comes in a 500g pack and contains ferric (iron) phosphate which occurs naturally in the environment. After controlling slugs it biodegrades into iron and enriches the soil around your plants.

By laying this bait slugs and snails are attracted away from plants. They cease feeding immediately and disappear underground to die without leaving any slime trails or the need to collect and dispose of dead slugs.

This organic killer effectively treats the garden slug, the white lipped snail, the red slug and the grey field slug.

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Using Organic Slug and Snail Killer 

Use on bare soil and around all flowers, fruit, herbs and vegetables outdoors and under organic-slug-killerprotection. Can be used at any time of year and is organic gardening approved.

Apply as soon as damage is first seen, preferably in the early evening hours when slugs are most active. Repeat treatment may be necessary to maintain control.

Scatter pellets around plants so that individual pellets fall approximately 6 to 7cm apart.

Slugs prefer moist and soaked granuls. On moist soil or in humid conditions granules take up water and begin to swell.


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