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Potato Planter Grow Bag (2 Pack)

These strong and sturdy potato planter bags mean that you can grow your own potato crop anywhere even if you don't even have a garden.

It also takes  a lot of the hassle and physical labour out of potato growing as no digging is required.

Made from heavy duty woven polyethylene 180gsm, each bag is 50cm (20 Inches) in height and 40cm  in diameter (15 Inches)

The bags have strong handles so when growing your potato crop the bags can  be either left in a hanging position or left standing.

The bags have a velcro pouch on the lower side. You open this pouch to check the size of your potatoes as they are growing and to access enough potatoes for the dinner as the crop is ready to eat.

The bags also have four drainage holes at the bottom which prevents water from building up and ensures the crop is not over watered or drown.

Due to the strength and quality of these bags these can be reused season after season.




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