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Ecoegg Reusable Lint Roller Kit (3 Pack)

With most lint rollers you use them a few times but then you got to throw them away but the Ecoegg Lint Rollers can be used over and over thousands of times helping you to save money.

Made from a innovative new type of silicon the Ecoegg Lint Rollers are sticky when dry and slippery when wet meaning to clean it all you got to do is rinse it in water and let it air dry or wipe down with a lint free cloth.

Great for those of you with pets. Also great for avoiding the need to take out heavy power sapping vaccum cleaners for small jobs.

The lint rollers come with a 10 year product guarantee. Just roll, rinse and reuse thousands of times over.

The Lint Roller Kit comes three different sized lint rollers

1: The Travel Roller comes with its own built in cover and is great to carry in handbags, car glove compartments or to have in the desk draw of the office. Great for cleaning dandruff, lint, hair and other dirt and debris that appear on your clothes.

2: The Medium Size also comes with its own cover and is great for use when ironing clothes of for use on the arms of a sofa or using on curtains or even pet grooming.


3: The Large Size- comes with an extendable handle and is perfect use on carpets or hard surface floors and for reaching cobwebs on ceilings. Can also be used to pick up heavier items like coins. nuts and bolts.

Watch Lint Rollers Demonstration Video

Using your Lint Rollers

To use simply remove the clear plastic covering and they are ready to use. Just run the roller across the mess and watch it pick everything up.

After use run lint roller under warm or hot water until it is clean. If dirt and debris do not all fall off easily use your fingers as a wiper while you are spinning the roller under flowing tap. Then towel dry.

For an even better clean it is recommended that you fill a bowl of warm water and add a few drops of washing up liquid. Simply dip roller in water and watch the debris fall off easily.

Always clean straight after use and store in a cool dry and clean area.  Ensure the Lint Rollers do not come into contact with Ammonia, Bleach, Alcohol or any other liquid cleaning product as it can cause irreparable damage to lint rollers.

Be sure not to use on painted surfaces or on wallpaper.