Kair Eco Heat Recovery ventilators



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Kair Eco Heat Recovery ventilators

These Eco Heat Recovery units provide a continuous air change, replacing stale moisture laden air with fresh, warmed air from outside and providing an effective solution to stale, musty indoor air condensation and mould growth problems. Replacing conventional extractor fans with heat recovery systems could save at least 50% on energy loss.

The Kair Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilators (KSRHRV) is the perfect product for solving damp problems in your bathroom, kitchen or indeed any room in you home

Unlike conventional extractor fans which suck out and waste expensively produced heat, the KSRHRV recovers up to 86% of exhaust heat, even when operating on boost mode.

The KSRHRV will automatically control the humidity of your room for you and also offers you continuous trickle ventilation, so it will constantly clean and purify the air you breathe.

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Homes without proper ventilation, condensation and mould growth pose serious risk to your health.

The Kair Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilators will:

  • Supply fresh air in your room and eliminate pollutants.
  • Prohibit mould growth and help to stop the spread of bacteria and dust mite activity.
  • Create a major improvement in the indoor air supply in your home.

Other Features and Benefits

  • Should help easy breathing difficulties for people with asthma and reduce sneezing for people with other allergies.
  • Leave you with a fresher smelling room.
  • Save up to 86% of your heat, thus reducing your energy bills.
  • Not very noisy like other products on the market.
  • Easy to install.
  • Unlike other manufactures provides you with balanced air-flow, so safe for any of your rooms even ones with boilers in.
  • Comes complete with tamper proof screws, people can't fiddle around with it, so you can enjoy peace of mind.
  • Meets All IEE, SELV and Building Regulations. image of kair eco part


The Kair Single Room Heat Recovery Ventilator is designed for easy installation by use of a 152mm / 6” core drilled hole.

Installation is undertaken entirely within a building with no requirement for external access.

Suitable for wall thickness from 229mm to 356mm.

An extension kit is available for walls up to 1 metre thickness.
A window kit is available for installation through single or double glazed windows.
Full installation instructions are provided with the unit.





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