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Internal Letterbox Gold Brush and Flap

This internal gold plated letterbox for the Irish manufacturer Exitex offers great door Internal-Letterbox-Draught-Excluder-Flapinsulation and helps prevent cold draughts entering your home.

Installing these internal letterboxes with the built in brush strip ensures your heating system has to work less hard to ensure the room is at a comfortable temperature throughout the winter months.

It will also ensure rain, hailstones and dust don't enter your home through the letterbox.

This should fit well on the vast majority of front doors. The flap measures 293mm (wide) and 77mm (height)

The Internal letterbox flap is made from moulded high impact PVC and includes a long lasting bristle and a spring closing flap which ensures it will not blow open and make noise when it is windy outside.

How to Fit Internal Letterbox Flap

1: Line up against opening on the inside part of front door opening and drill 4 screws (provided) and drill into position and you are done.





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