Grow Tunnel Kit



Apollo Fleece Tunnel Kit

This great fleece tunnel kit is ideal for use in early spring helping to warm soil and speed up mini-grow-tunnel-kitthe growing season.

Also great for helping to protect your plants against pets, wildlife, pests and frost and help you to prolong your plant growing season.

When assembled this fleece tunnel kit extends to 3.5 metres in length and is one meter wide.

The fleece itself is quite thick (30g) to ensure that your plants are adequetly protected from frost. As the fleece is 2 meters in width and 5 meters in length it means that the tunnel can  be tied closed at both ends when it is extremely cold.

What comes in the grow tunnel kit?

- 1 30 gsm Fleece Cover ( 2m x 5m)

- 7 Flexible Support Poles (use at 0.5m intervals)

- 6 Metal Anchor for pinning tunnel to the ground



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