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Greaseband Tree Pest Protection

This great product from Neudorff provides year round chemical free protection against pests for trees.

The greaseband strapped around the lower trunk of the tree prevents the insects from climbling up the trunks and laying their eggs in the crown.

It is made with a special glue made from natural resin and wax which protects your fruit trees and ornamental shrubs. This special glue does not wash off and does not drip even at high temperatures.

The greaseband is highly effective against winter moth caterpillar and offers excellent year round protection against ants, greenfly and woolly aphids

Each box contain a 3 meter roll so one pack should allow you to protect several trees.

Installing the Greasebandneudorff-greaseband

Measure the circumference of the trunk (plus cm overlap) and cut the glue band accordingly.

Pull the glue band apart and place it on the trunk with the sticky surface facing outwards.

Trees that have a very rough bark should be smoothened out using a soft grafting wax. This will prevent pests being able to go underneath the glue band.

Use the wire provided to firmly attach the glue band above and below the glue layer.