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Gadget Saver

Gadget saver is an Irish designed product which helps to dry out mobile phones, smartphones and any other small and medium size electronic devices and rescue them from water damage.

The gadget saver will also help to prolong the lifespan of electronic devices and their parts including speakers, cameras, microphones and in ear headphones.

The gadget savers is effectively a first aid kit for your electronic devices. It should be keep in a safe place at home, in cars and at work for times of emergency.

Gadget Saver Size Options

The gadget saver comes in two different size packs

The Gadget Saver small pack is designed to rescue electronic device up to 15cm x 10cm in size. This includes all mobile and smart phone, MP3 players, USB sticks, car and automated gate remotes and small cameras.

The Gadget Saver medium pack is designed to rescue electronic devices up to 24cm x 18cm in size. This includes tablets, ebook readers, sat navs, handheld games, tv remote controls and cordless phones.

 What is Gadget Saver Pack Made up of?

1: Resealable outer bag

2: Gadget saver absorbancy pack

3: Cotton Swabs

4: Lint free cleaning cloth

5: Detailed instructions

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