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Ecoegg Fresher for Longer Disc

These fresher for longer discs come as a 12 month pack. Each pack contains four discs with each disc working effectively for a 3 month period. In many households across Ireland hundreds of euro are wasted every year by throwing out fruit and veg that have not been used before they start to decay and go bad.

A tiny investment in the Fresher for Longer Discs can save your household a fortune.

To use the disc simply place it in the fridge or your fruit bowl and leave it there for three months and it will ensure your fruit and veg stays fresher for longer. (up to 7 days)

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How do the Fresher for Longer Discs Work?

As fruit and veg start to go bad they produce ethylene gas. This gas will make all fruit and veg close by go bad also which is essentially a vicious circle. The discs break the cycle as they absorb the ethylene gas. This means that the decaying process slows down and the food stays fresher for longer.

How to Use Fresher for Longer Discs Ecoegg-Fresh-Disc

Each disc has a place where you can write the replacement date on it. Therefore if you start to use your Fresher for Longer Disc on March 1st you should write June 1st on the disc (3 months later)

Daily Mail Fresher for Longer Discs Review

“5 out of 5 These are a total bargain and will be a god send for anyone that regularly throws away fruit which is past its best”