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Ecoegg Food Saver Bags

Thes saver bags from Ecoegg are independently laboratory proved to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.

The Food Saver Bags come on a roll of 25 bags in large and medium sizes and each bag can be reused up to 10 times so one roll can be used to store food or veg up to 250 times.

Simple to use you just open out your bag and add your fruit or vegetables to it and fold over the top of the bag (no need to tie it!)

If you currently tend to resist supermarket fruit and veg special offers like buy one and get one free because you are afraid they will be gone off by the time you get around to using them all you can start to think differently with the Food Saver Bags and start saving money.

The food saver bags are also great for people that grow their own crops or don't tend to go to the supermarket very often.

See Food Saver Bags Demonstration Video

How the Food Saver Bags Work?

As fruit and veg begin to ripen they produce an ethylene gas. When the food is stored in a normal plastic bag this gas gets trapped meaning that the fruit or veg will rippen faster but also go bad faster.

The Food Saver Bags however are impregnated with a natural blend of minerals which absorb the ethylene gas and slow down the decay process.


This means that they will keeps your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer and help to save you money and reduce your waste charges.