Energy Saving Doorbell


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Eco Savers Kinetic Powered Wireless Doorbell

Did you ever leave the door bell pressed in and see the speed that your electricity meter will increase turning?

The doorbell energy cost can add up especially in a busy household.

This Kinetic Powered Doorbell from Ecosavers in will is completely wireless and unless other wireless doorbells there is no replacement battery costs.

How the Kinetic Powered Doorbell Works?

The transmitter in this doorbell does not uses mains power nor is it battery powered.

Instead the power required to send a radio signal from the bell to the receiver is generated by human power. This happens through the process of simply pushing the doorbell (kinetic energy).

The receiver itself is powered by a 500 mAh USB adapter (included in package), so the yearly electricity costs for the receiver is very low. These costs are much lower than the standard converter of a normal electrical doorbell. Saving energy and batteries at the same time!

Energy Saving Door Bell Product Features

- 38 different ringtones available

- Receiver USB powered (AC USB charging adapter included)

- Includes installation materials

- 100 metre operating range in open field

- LED indication on receiver

- Volume adjustable

- Frequency: 433 MHz