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Emergency Solar and Dynamo Flashlight with Holder

Known as the Powerplus Husky this Solar and Dynamo Powered 3 LED Emergency Flashlight comes with a wall holder which has an integrated glow in the dark feature and two side slots ideal for inserting emergency information cards.

Adding this EU design registered product to your home or any building will ensure that there is always an easy to access fully charged flashlight in readily available in the event of a power cut or to help address any emergency situation.

Charging the Emergency Flashlight

The Emergency Flashlight never requires replacement batteries or bulbs. Simply place the Emergency-Flashlightholder on a wall in a bright central spot in a room that gathers light and the flashlight will charge through cold solar (amorphous solar cell) which means in can be charged both through natural daylight or with indoor light conditions. It can also be charged by winding it up through the integrated dynamo on the back of the torch.

Emergency Flashlight Features

The Flashlight can be used in power save mode (One LED lighting) or full mode (Three LEDs lighting)

The head of the Flashlight can also be rotated 90 degrees to allow you to easily light up difficult to reach areas.

Emergency Flashlight Holder Features

The flashlight slots into the centre of the holder with the solar panel facing outwards. The holder includes two sections on either side in which you can place credit card size cards. This is a great place to store all important telephone numbers and important contacts in case of emergency. Three pre-printed emergency cards come with the product. The emergency flashlight holder also a glow in the dark section on the face of the holder so you will easily find the light in the event of a power cut.

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Emergency Flashlight Technical Details

Item Parameter Unit
Lighting time after 1 hour charge by sun 20 Minutes
Lighting time after 1 minute rotating 20 Minutes
Lighting time fully charged 7 Hours
Battery Li-polymer, 300 mAh
Solar Cell Amporhous 6.8V, 12 Ma




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